After weight loss surgery, there can be a rush you get when you step on the scale and see that number decreasing! It’s an amazing feeling to see the pounds fall off so rapidly. Bariatric surgery is life changing and it’s not just because of the pounds that are lost…but also for all the things that are gained after surgery.

There’s so much to celebrate after weight loss surgery and sometimes things can get overlooked because we’re so fixated on the number on the scale. Non-scale victories (NSV’s) are often even better indicators of our progress than weight alone, because they give us a more overall look at our health. The scale shows us one moment in time, but non-scale victories show improvement over time. NSV’s may go unnoticed if we only focus on what the scale says.

Weighing yourself daily can be a deterrent to weight loss. It only paints a small picture of the actual progress you’re making – and if you hit a stall, it can decrease your motivation.

There are unlimited things out there to consider when celebrating your successes…Take notice of just some of the following NSV’s:

Improved Energy – can keep up with the kids/grandkids.

Improved Fitness

Improved Sleep

Body Composition – clothes fit better, looser, one notch smaller on your belt, fitting into an airplane seat or booth at a restaurant, tying your shoe or putting on socks without getting winded

Less Pain – easier to walk up the stairs – less stress on joints

Improved Mood – Feel more positive and better about yourself.

Improved Cognition – better focus and memory

Improved Medical Conditions – blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Reduction or elimination of medications.

Because we tend to NOT recognize our own victories, and our mind plays tricks when looking in the mirror, we suggest the following:

Take pictures periodically throughout your entire journey (and DON’T FORGET to take the dreaded “before” surgery photo). On the days you feel defeated by the scale, take the photos and line them up side by side. Seeing your progression through photos will lift your spirits.

Try something new – you might just surprise yourself.

Learn to accept and love yourself again – one of the most amazing non scale victories out there!

Recognize and celebrate these accomplishments. You should be proud of every single non-scale victory you achieve.

If you’ve already celebrated NSV successes with your weight loss surgery, we’d love to hear about them – Please send to