I Love MeSometimes a girl just needs a little "me time," a respite from the kids and the cooking and the work and the husband.

Here are my stats:

Two kids, both boys (11 and 7), breakfast seven days a week (thank goodness my boys like cereal!!), I don't worry about lunches (they can eat school lunch), dinner four or five nights a week (my husband cooks a little), one 50-hour-a-week job in public relations (it's not as glamorous as it sounds) and one husband (who is supportive but clueless at times).

So there you go. I don't mean to complain because my life is great–especially since my gastric sleeve surgery. But sometimes life gets a little too hectic and I start to get tired and want to eat like I used to. But I know I can't. Instead, I take a "me day."

So I call in "sick" to work and take a little time for myself.

Last week I did just that. Maybe it was all the snow we just got or maybe it was all the deadlines at work or maybe it was just cabin fever. Whatever the reason, I knew I needed a day to relax, get control of my emotions and overcome the urges I felt to overeat.

So while everyone at work thought I was at home, in bed, suffering from a virus, I drove one town over and got my hair, nails and toes done. (I look great, thank you very much).

Oh, I also saw Argo. It's a fabulous movie.

By the time the movie ended, I felt entirely refreshed. I was feeling good, thinking clearly and ready to take on anything life could throw my way–even cooking a dinner for two hungry boys and their father, which is exactly what I did.

I beat the boys home, cooked dinner and lost my mind. My "me day" was so much fun that I had to tell my family about it.

Now, ladies, I'm no fan of lying, but let me tell you this: If you ever take a "me day" (and you definitely should), do not tell your kids.

The next day my older boy called my office and told the receptionist all about my "me day." He wasn't tattling, he was just talking. But I'll never hear the end of it. In fact, the teasing has been so bad, I think I'm ready for another one!