Big Macs, hot dogs, sodas, and fries. Advertisements, super models, health scares, and lies. Our minds are constantly bombarded by these images, and they are playing tricks on us by telling us what to eat and what to think about it. However, there are ways you can train yourself to ignore these influences and turn your mind into your greatest weapon in your own personal battle of the bulge.

Right now, it's pretty obvious that Americans are losing this battle. Each year, nearly 6 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, 5 million develop heart disease, and close to 400,000 come down with cancers that are caused in part to being overweight. It is not a pretty picture, and while these statistics are a powerful warning for the future, it is not a lost cause, either.

So, how do you change your lifestyle so you don't become just another casualty in the obesity war? It’s not easy, but by following these suggestions and tips you'll be well on your way to declaring victory as you slip back into the jeans you wore in high school, or the dress you wore on your wedding day.

Motivate Yourself Determine what it is you want, and make a promise to yourself that you will stop at nothing to achieve it. You need to make getting healthy as much a priority in your life as breathing and sleeping.

Discipline Yourself Self-control and self-discipline take time to develop, but you can do it. Start by setting small goals that you can reach. As you reach each little milestone, gradually make those goals harder to achieve. By doing this, you'll gradually change your mindset towards one where you "know" you can't win, to one where you "know" that you won't lose.

Don't Look Back Everyone makes mistakes, but those are old news and constantly looking at them will hold you back. Instead, look forward towards what you plan to achieve in the future and what you need to do in order to get there.