mini gastric bypass 4 years before after testimonial weight loss

One of the most important parts about any weight loss program is not just the ability to help people lose weight, but also the ability to help people keep that weight off. BeLiteWeight is proud to give a long term update for a former patient, Mike F, who had surgery back in 2011 but just recently wrote in:

"Thanks JoAnne, I am down 221 lbs. and holding pretty close to that for going on 5 yrs. now… Only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.. I went from a 64 waist to 38 now and from a 6x shirt to a X large, my exercise program is dancing, I go dancing 5 nights a week and dance every dance.  I am now in the best shape I have been in years and years.."

Mike's story is truly special because it represents the long term value of BeLiteWeight's weight loss services. The commitment to transform one's entire health and well being with bariatric surgery is without a doubt a stressful and frightening decision. However, the extensive amount of BeLiteWeight's patient testimonials provide inspiration, hope, and guidance for the success of both our prior and future clients. 


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