PIZZA – Healthy and Really Delicious

Healthy & Delicious!

When on a diet, or just living a healthy lifestyle, pizza is one of the most forbidden dishes. Everyone loves pizza. It’s not easy for anyone to give up such a beloved dish. Today BeLiteWeight will prove that it is not necessary to suffer with cravings for pizza while dieting. Our team has found a simple healthy recipe that is proven to satisfy😊

Products:-About 5 cups of cauliflower rice. (Try using normal cauliflower in a blender to make your own cauliflower rice)-2 eggs-1 Tsp baking powder.-1 Tsp of spices: oregano, basil, thyme-Large pinch of salt– A half cup of Parmesan cheese for the dough– Large pinch of almond flour


What to put on top is all preference. The true secret is the Italian tomato Sauce that we shared before.

In our recipe we suggest: …
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How To Fight The Craving For Sweets

Cravings for sweets can come at any time. Usually the symptom is a simple drop in blood glucose levels, however if the sudden craving for a sweet snack appears too frequently it could be a sign of sugar addiction leading to serious metabolic diseases. Today we’re going to share with you some clever tricks how to naturally reduce your craving for sweet snacks.

One of the most important rules is to drink water REGULARLY. Make sure to have the right amount of it in your diet. Water will help your body regulate the hunger and satisfaction center in the brain. Learn to use healthy substitutes. Once in a while, a piece of dark chocolate or dried figs instead of a milkshake or fruit cake will certainly not hurt you. Consumed once in a while, natural delights will satisfy your sweet …
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A New Start – David 3 Years After Gastric Sleeve

We all like to show off our achievements among to our friends and family. It is only natural to talk about important events in our life and share our successful stories on social media. One of the things we most often proudly present is the form of our body and overall health . Our next patient certainly has a lot to show! With the help of a gastric surgery with BeLiteWeight David has undergone a huge metamorphosis! David is about to start his own Youtube channel in which he will show people how anything is possible. Here are a few positive words from David :

I Lost 300 pounds and I am very happy about it. Thinking of starting a YouTube channel, and I already started posting pictures on Instagram. 

The BeLiteWeight team is very happy and we …
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On The Trail Of Processed Foods

Processed foods are high in the hierarchy of forbidden temptations. We know that the nutritional value of such products is lower than that of food that is not preserved, cooked, frozen, dried, ground, or salted and sweetened. But not all processed foods are unhealthy and should be avoided. The trick is to choose the right ones that, ironically, may turn out to be a very good source of valuable ingredients for you.

You need to know that produce loses important nutritional value a few hours after picking. This is because life processes are going on in them all the time. Lowering the temperature below 0 °C slows down these processes threefold. So frozen fruits are undoubtedly better than those stored at room temperature.

Other Good Processed Sources

Preserved/ canned fish. These canned wonders are the perfect portable sources of protein, …
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I Feel Like Myself Again – Charles 4.5 Months After RNY Bypass

Hello everybody, the spring season has just begun! 🙂 Many off you can already see the first signs of this exciting season. So much light, freshness and happiness is in the air… As such, it only makes sense that we talk about positive things. So today we would like to show you another update letter from one of our newer patients who says he feels really great! Charles writes that he feels himself again. Isn’t that great? But this is not the end of good news. Charles also writes that by losing weight, his dose of medication is now minimal and his glucose levels are safe. Here is Charles letter:

100 pounds less! I wish I had not waited so long to have my surgery. I spent so much time in pain and misery because of my worries about going …
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Can The Moon Help You Lose Weight?

The moon affects people. Even scientists have no doubts about it. The moon helps regulate the ebb and flow of our planet in various ways. For example, plants often grow according to its phases and now evidence suggests it plays a role in determining our mood.

As unbelievable as it may seem, taking advantage of the moons cycles may actually help you lose weight. Today we will tell you how this can be possible. Our new astrological predictions can come true even faster than you think 😉

First of all, find the lunar calendar. Once you know the phases of the moon it will be easier for you to try introduce some new habits for each one.

NEW MOONA New Beginning. This is the perfect time to start your diet. This phase is great for detoxification. In addition, it …
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Easy Low Carb Buns- Perfect For Your Breakfast

Buns are with us in our diet invariably. As children a handful of rolls could satisfy our hunger. We eat sandwiches for lunch, rolls for breakfast, and every burger has a bun. It is a convenient and tasty product. However, it is generally quite caloric.

Today we would like to show you that you don’t have to give up on tasty buns at all. We have a great & healthy recipe for your favorite roll. Also, the best thing is that 25 minutes will be totally enough and you can enjoy taste this really delicious and wholesome buns right now.

The recipe prepares about 4 small or 3 bigger buns

Wet Ingredients :

1 egg (important to rest at room temperature)3 egg whites, also at room temperature¼ cup hot water

Dry Ingredients :

1/4 cup of …
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“You are what you eat ” Eating for hormonal problem

The key to everything is balance. If we are talking about hormones balance is even more important. A healthy and energetic body is exactly connected with harmony between various hormones.

If one part of the body is disturbed it can cause chaos. All body parts are one working organ connected to each each other.

Hormonal disorders can have a variety of symptoms. In women, it can lead to disorders of the menstrual cycle and increased nervousness. In men it often leads to erectile dysfunction and lack of energy. Hormonal imbalances are also one of the most common reasons for weight gain.

Hormones are controlled for the balance of the physical and mental parts of the body. The action of hormones is interdependent. For example, you cannot pay attention to estrogen by itself without paying attention to your thyroid …
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Pleasantly Surprised – Jessie 12 Days After Bypass

In this post, we would like to introduce one of our patients, Jessie. She had her Sleeve to Bypass revision with our team and sent over this video to answer some questions she felt would be helpful for you. She also gave some thoughts about her overall experience.

If you still have more questions. Please call now.

Gastric Weight Loss Surgery and other weight loss surgical questions, please call BeLiteWeight today at 1-800-215-6497!

Valentine Dining

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – although this is an old saying no one can deny the importance of food. This Valentine’s Day couples are more happy to share a romantic dinner for the other half and indulge in sweet desserts.

It is not without reason that this holiday of lovers is famous for delicacies made of…. chocolate. Thanks to the cocoa (so the more, the better!) chocolate is an aphrodisiac that is rich in stimulating phenylethylamine (which quickly releases endorphins) and theobromine, or caffeine, that increases activity and strengthen.

Probably a lot of you think, what, if I am on a diet? Don’t worry, we have some great Valentine snack suggestions for you to prepare that will be perfect for your next romantic evening. These are all tasty AND healthy!

Don’t …
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