On The Trail Of Processed Foods

Processed foods are high in the hierarchy of forbidden temptations. We know that the nutritional value of such products is lower than that of food that is not preserved, cooked, frozen, dried, ground, or salted and sweetened. But not all processed foods are unhealthy and should be avoided. The trick is to choose the right ones that, ironically, may turn out to be a very good source of valuable ingredients for you.

You need to know that produce loses important nutritional value a few hours after picking. This is because life processes are going on in them all the time. Lowering the temperature below 0 °C slows down these processes threefold. So frozen fruits are undoubtedly better than those stored at room temperature.

Other Good Processed Sources

  • Preserved/ canned fish. These canned wonders are the perfect portable sources of protein, omega-3, acids and calcium.
  • Peanut butter – Actually we recommend almond butter more. Ground nuts have their own benefits. Almonds are full of magnesium and vitamin B2, and peanuts are the perfect post-workout snack thanks to their high protein. IMPORTANT (Avoid peanut butter containing palm oil and sugar)
  • Oatmeal – Rich of vitamins and minerals
  • Yogurt. – A great way to transport protein, vitamin B12, calcium, and probiotics through your body.

Even when eating healthy food most of the time, it is good to allow yourself room for a few processed foods that can be really beneficial. Research shows that planning and allowing minor deviations from your diet can help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.

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Patient Process at Hospital Angeles Juarez

patient process at hospital angeles juarez

This short and informative video shows you how smooth, clean, and easy the patient admission process for our weight loss surgery patients at Hospital Angels, Juarez. Our BeLiteWeight patients and their guest are greeted at the airport and stay in the hospital the entire duration off their trip! It is so easy it is almost a vacation!

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Jennifer’s Decision: Taking Back Her Health!

It is with great pleasure that BeLiteWeight is able to share Jennifer’s incredible journey! She is truly an inspiration, and we are so proud of her amazing progress!

Jennifer W before watermark

For me, the decision to have weight loss surgery came when I was on vacation with my family and I couldn’t walk without getting winded or get around to see the attractions. I had to sit on a bench or in the car and wait for the family to finish having fun. It was a miserable trip and I knew then something had to change. Once I returned home I started looking into weight loss surgery. I knew I couldn’t have the surgery in the United States as my insurance had many hoops and I would still have to pay an enormous amount of money even with a deductible. I did my research on several companies in Mexico and decided on Belite Weight. I am beyond pleased with my decision!! This was absolutely the BEST decision of my life. I took my health back. I chose to have the surgery in Juarez, MX. My mom traveled with me and we were treated exceptionally well from the time we were picked up until they took us back to the airport. There wasn’t much of a language barrier and everyone was so helpful and nice. The staff made sure my mom and I were comfortable and taken care of and the hospital was very clean and nice. I owe everything to Dr. Rodriguez and his staff!! This has been a journey and I have learned so much through it.

Jennifer W watermark

I have lost 200 pounds in a year!! My body has gone through many positive changes and I have become a better ME!! I am so happy and I get complimented on my smile often. I can do things with my daughter that I haven’t ever been able to do such as ride amusement park rides or play basketball with her. I enjoy getting out and exercising and being in nature. I can even do simple everyday tasks around the house without being out of breath. I can live my life!!

jennifer w full watermark

This has been the BEST decision I have ever made and I wish I would have done this sooner!! If you’re on the fence wondering if you should take the leap. I encourage you to do it!! Take your health and life back!!
Thank you
Jennifer W
Thank you for sharing your wonderful success Jennifer! Your story is truly encouraging and we are so greatful to hear how happy you are with your decision!
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Preventing Holiday Weight Gain


Holiday picture


The end of year holidays can present a special challenge for anyone who is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Celebrating most often involves gatherings that are centered on indulgent food, making it easy to fall back into bad habits when there are so many temptations to give into.  Here are some tips on how to avoid giving into all of the holiday decadence:

Don't skip meals. It can be easy to run out of the house without eating when you're trying to balance a busy work schedule with holiday shopping and other activities. When you get hungry, you're more likely to eat whatever is convenient, especially after smelling the hot Cinnabon at the mall food court. Always try to bring a light, healthy snack like a piece of fruit with you so that your hunger doesn't lead you to make unhealthier food choices.

Try to avoid from treats at work. At this time of year, it seems like everyone wants to bring their delicious baked goods into the office. Again, keeping healthy snacks close at hand and staving off hunger can help alleviate the temptation to eat all the things, but it's also OK to indulge in moderation, especially if you are living a more active lifestyle and exercising consistently.

Beware of drinking too much alcohol. It can be common to include lots of wine and cocktails at holiday gatherings and those drinks are usually packed with sugar. Alcohol can also make you want to eat more as well, and might also inhibit your ability to make healthy eating choices. It can also affect your sleep patterns and can cause insomnia.

Holiday food

Eat before attending holiday parties, so that you are not as hungry and less likely to over-indulge. Pick things high in protein and fiber, as well as healthy fats like avocado so that you will feel full and less likely to take that second helping. Take your time to eat and chew very slowly.

Don’t throw in the towel if you give into your temptations. It can be easy to tell yourself that it would be easier to restart your diet after the holidays, but when that time comes, you will be disappointed at all of the progress that you have lost. It's easier to stay on track once you've overcome those few initial hurdles of moderating enticing holiday treats.

Above all  have fun, and don't let this busy time become too overwhelming. Get lots of sleep and take it one day at a time. It's possible to enjoy the holidays and stay healthy too. 

Fish to Enjoy, Fish to Avoid

fish to enjoy avoid weight loss surgery vsg health article nutrition

Eating seafood is complicated to say the least. When eaten properly fish are a great weight loss tool as a valuable source of protein and providing other essential fats and nutrients. For example, Pacific Wild Salmon is widely known as a rich source of essential Omega 3-s. However, there are so many different fish and various environmental concerns to be aware of that the task can often seem daunting. This guide hopefully breaks things down pretty easily!

Fishing Nets fish to avoid fish to enjoy weight loss nutrition

Fish Fraud & Quality
There are certain questions you should always ask before you eat a fish:

Where is it sourced? Is it farmed or wild? 
Certain fish contain minimum toxins only when sourced in specific areas. 

Does the seller actually have the right fish? fish fraud is common. 
If the deal seems too good to be true it probably is. Only buy from credible sources and find out how it was sourced.

Is it a low or high mercury fish?
This is the most important and complicated question. Each fish has different levels of toxins based on what the fish is, where it is sourced, and other factors such as the age and size. Larger and older fish have more denser mercury levels. 

Shrimp fish to avoid fish to enjoy weight loss nutrition

Fish to Enjoy

Crab – Avoid canned and artificial versions. They are high in sodium.
Catfish – American catfish has lower toxin levels than those imported.
Salmon – Larger and older salmon have more mercury. Pacific salmon is best.
Skipjack Tuna – Foreign Albacore tuna can have up to 3x more mercury than skipjack! 
Scallops – Come in all shapes and sizes and are low in toxins but high in protein.

*More Fish to Enjoy include Trout, Oysters, Crayfish, Shrimp, Sardines, 

Swordfish fish to avoid fish to enjoy weight loss nutrition

Fish to Avoid

Wild Chilean Sea Bass – Often found with high amounts of mercury.
Swordfish – Big and old with very high levels of mercury.
Blue Fin Tuna – High mercury levels because of size and age as well.
Grocery Sushi Trays – Mostly made with low-quality seafood worsened with preservatives.

*More Fish to Avoid include Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Caviar, Tilefish, Orange Roughy, Shark, King Mackeral, Tilapia, & Atlantic Cod

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Video: Leak Test After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Kelsey had Gastric Sleeve surgery with Dr. Elmo Aramburo at Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, Mexico. Here is a video of her leak test the day after her surgery.

A "leak test" is to check for any potential leaks in the staple line and any stomach reflux, spasms or blockages. We wanted to share this video for those of you considering having weight loss surgery or are already scheduled.

All weight loss surgeries have a similar test done the day after surgery regardless if it's the Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy), Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Plication or Gastric Band (Lap Band).

Dr. Elmo Aramburo also explains eating habits after having weight loss surgery and the potential downfalls of liquid calories. He also explains that 60 to 70 percent of your meals should be proteins and has a simple way for you to keep track for that goal while eating.


Nothing Has Ever Felt as Good as Being Healthy & Almost “Skinny”

Nothing Has Ever Felt as Good as Being Healthy & Almost "Skinny" - Adrianna's Weight Loss Story
It all started on April 20,2013 when I began to do research for weight loss surgery online. BeLiteWeight was the first thing to pop up and I decided to click on it. I called the number that they had listed and spoke to Ishi, a very nice, sweet and helpful lady. She was always there returning my call back and answering every question that I had. My surgery was on 5/21/2013.

My experience at the hospital in Tijuana was amazing, never have I felt like a queen in a hospital. The nurses were very caring and always there to help you out.

About the surgeons, I can't describe how amazing they were. They explained to me the whole process of the procedure and were very detailed about it. Yes, I was scared but everything just came out perfect. I was walking the hospital halls TWO hours after my surgery with no pain and feeling GREAT!

A little over  5 months later and I've lost 66 pounds. Getting the gastric sleeve by Dr. Rod and Dr. Elmo was my best decision I have ever made. I have no regrets. I'm at my lightest weight that I've ever been and nothing has ever felt  as good as being healthy and almost "skinny" lol.

Surgeons: Dr. Jose Rodriguez & Dr. Elmo Aramburo
Procedure: Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy / Gastric Sleeve