1. Reversal of Type II Diabetes: This is a major reason why obese individuals should consider undergoing weight loss surgery. Research shows that there is a large correlation between decreased rates of Type II Diabetes and patients who have opted for gastric sleeve surgery. In a research study recently conducted, it was revealed that 82% of patients had reversed their condition in less than two years, while 62% were no longer diabetic two years after the weight loss surgery. These statistics alone speak volumes of its benefits. 2. Improved Fertility: There is an increased fertility rate among women who are not obese. Research shows that obese women who underwent weight loss surgery had improved hormonal levels and actually became more fertile than before. 3. Patients Become Less Hypertensive: Obesity brings about myriad conditions, primarily hypertension. By opting for vertical sleeve gastrectomy, there is a 78.5% rate of improvement in patients. Even more, there is a 61.7% certainty that the hypertension will be eliminated altogether. This study was conducted by the American Medical Association and the statistics are continually improving. 4. Alleviating Joint Pain: Excess body weight will consequently lead to inflamed joints, joint pain and many other ailments. A 2004 study showed that there is a 50% reduction in joint pain cases six to twelve months following surgery. It was also revealed that gastric sleeve surgery can reduce inflammation brought about by conditions such as arthritis. 5. Life Span Increases: There is a definite connection between obesity and life expectancy. Overall, obesity decreases the life span of an individual by 20 years due to the various conditions the individual risks facing. Mortality decreases whenever the individual reaches their optimum body mass, and more than physical health, your mental health also drastically improves as well. Having a positive body image is integral to confidence and happiness, which are benefits of vertical sleeve gastrectomy that many people lose sight of.