One year ago, husband and wife, Bill and Dana, each had their own Gastric Sleeve surgery. We recently checked in with them and they each shared an update:

Dana said:

I am doing really well. I’ve gotten down just under 200lbs. I started at 300lbs which is 100lbs off this past year! So happy with my decision to have the surgery with you guys! 

Bill Said:

Gastric sleeve is best thing I’ve ever done. I still haven’t gotten below 200. The lowest is 202. I’ve been hanging between 202 and 205 for a couple of months. I drive a truck and am on the road 6 days a week. I concentrate on protein, and try to limit my carbs. Since it’s starting to warm up, I can use my 30 min break to walk instead of just sitting inside my cab. My goal is 160# . We recommend you to people who ask about surgery.

And best of all they shared their before and after photos. Congratulations Dana and Bill on your successful weight loss!

Before Photo:

After Photo:

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