How to Live Again: Karina’s 3 Year Update

One of our most inspirational patients sent us this heart warming email that the team at BeLiteWeight is honored to share with you! Below are pictures of her throughout her journey. You are amazing Karina!!

My heart is full of gratitude as I sit down to write this email . Next week will mark 3 years since I’ve had surgery with Dr.Rodriguez. What a roller coaster this ride has been. From learning to portion control, learning new habits, learning to love the gym , it has honestly been learning how to live again. >>>> We all these changes came self love I never knew I had . Confidence to follow my dreams and the well power to keep going. I have been able to maintain an average of 105lbs lost and have gained about 15 safely . I have had a breast reduction with a lift and I am currently recovering from a tummy Tuck with lipo of the back and flanks. I feel great . Life is great. The work is never done that’s for sure . We will forever gain and loose and fluctuate. What’s important is the healthy habits I have been able to maintain and the structure I have set for myself . I will once again tell you I’ll never forget that lunch time phone call outside my local Starbucks where you told me your story and within a month I had my surgery booked . I was ready .

2 Months!

4 Months!

10 Months!

1 Year!

18 Months!

Doesn’t she look incredible? Karina, you are such an inspiration to people who want to make a major change in their life!

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How to Break your Bad Habits…For Good!

Everyone has a bank of bad habits, and every withdrawal comes with a cost. Mindlessly eat potato chips every night before going to bed? You’ll pay the price in weight gain. Drink a bit too much every weekend? Those empty calories really add up.

Yes, bad habits can bankrupt your attempt to reach your goals—unless you break them.

Here’s a five-step plan to help you break your bad habits once and for all:

You know the habit is bad. You know you would like to change your behavior. But you can’t change anything until you make up your mind (really, really make up your mind) to commit to a new way of doing things.

Run interference
Changing Bad Habits Once you’ve committed to changing, you need a plan. You need to figure out why the bad habit happens—and then figure out ways to interfere with it. This means always being aware of the habit (many are mindless), recognizing when you’re about to do it and then doing things to stop you from doing it—reaching for vegetables instead of potato chips, leaving the room, going for a walk, etc.

Write about it
Keeping a log about how the bad habit affects your life can help you change. Write down what you’re doing before, during and after the habit kicks in. Over time, you will recognize patterns, triggers and even moods that lead to the habit. Recognizing them allows you to interfere with them in the future.

Replace the bad habit
One way to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. Instead of snacking at night, read something. Rather than chewing your fingernails, floss your teeth. Pretty soon you’ll be well-read with a great smile.

Reward yourself
The power of positive reinforcement is well-documented—so reward yourself when you do something well. Perhaps you could deposit a few dollars into an actual bank account every time you reach a goal? That way, you’ll be bankrupting your bank of bad habits and building up your bottom line.

How to pick out the perfect bathing suit after WLS

With summer right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to wear to the beach. Here's a guide to picking out the perfect bathing suit after weight loss surgery:

How to pick out the perfect bathing suit after WLS If you are large-chested…

Look for something with structure so you can be sure to avoid those Janet Jackson-like wardrobe malfunctions. Also, a suit with fabric that gathers at the waist can create a pleasant division between your hips and chest.

If you are small-chested…

Look for a suit that plays up your bust line. One way to accomplish this is to find a suit that rests high on the hips. This will give the allusion of longer legs, elongating your frame and making your chest less of a focal point.

If you have a pear shape …

Find a suit that extenuates the things you like most about your body as well as your upper body. It could be your chest or your shoulders or your waistline. The key is to minimize your hips. Think "sexy" and "demure," which are not mutually exclusive. You should avoid suits with vertical stripes or designs running across the midsection—both of which can make your waist appear larger.

If you've got an athletic body …

Look for a suit with a strong vertical axis and something that adds femininity. Making sure to find balance across your torso is important to being comfortable.

The bottom line is that there are bathing suits for every body and everybody. The trick is to find one that puts the focus on the parts of your body you want to highlight—and to put comfort above all else.

If you haven't reached your weight loss goals yet …

Look for something that makes you feel comfortable and practical. A suit that extenuates your bust while providing coverage on the backside can give you the confidence to walk a beach, swim and splash without feeling self-conscious. Also, don't be afraid to accessorize. Wear a colorful sarong or matching shorts.

Money Talks: Help You Help Yourself Lose Weight

Money Talks: Help You Help Yourself Lose Weight | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss Services When it comes to weight loss, money talks.

It's the reason the dieting industry rakes in 60 billion a year. People invest in diet foods, motivational books and programs.

But maybe it's time they start investing in themselves.

A recent study by the Mayo Clinic shows that people who have financial incentives to drop weight do better than those who don't. And here's the surprising part: it doesn't take a lot of money to motivate someone into losing weight.

Twenty dollars a month is all it took.

The study enrolled a group of people into a program that would pay them $20 if they lost four pounds a month and juxtaposed their results with another group that received no financial rewards for their weight loss.

Naturally, those who had money waiting at the end of the month lost a lot more weight than those who received nothing.

Give yourself monetary rewards to help you on your weight loss journey | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss Services What can you learn from this? Well, how about finding a way to give yourself a financial reward?

You could put $20 in a coffee can on the first of every month and promise not to dip into it until you've had one full month of eating right and working out.

That could work, but it might not feel like much of a reward. After all, it's your own money.

That's why you should consider trying one of two online tools that will actually pay you for reaching your weight loss goals. That's right, you can actually get paid for losing weight–something you want to do anyway.

GymPact is an app that allows you to wager on weight loss. You set your goals–hitting the gym at least three times a week, for example–and then set an amount you're willing to wager on you hitting your goals. Do it and get paid. Don't and you pay in.

HealthyWage is another tool. You pay a $150 fee to enter. Lose 10 percent of your body weight in six months and you walk away with $300. Miss the mark and you lose your $150.

But chances are you won't miss your mark. After all, money talks.