Thanks to recipes that include things like cabbage soup, gallons of lemon water and endless amounts of kale, detox diets seem to have gotten a bad reputation. Sure, they might help you lose weight and feel energized, but at what price?

How much cabbage soup can one person actually eat?

Luckily, there are other, more appetizing ways to detoxify. Here's a list of good-tasting foods that will cleans your body and soul without requiring a thorough pallet cleansing afterwards.


Powerful Detox FoodsBrazil Nuts. These tasty little treats are packed with selenium, which helps flush your body of that pesky mercury.

Goji Berries. Who needs raisins when you can eat Goji berries? They're packed with vitamin C, which improves your liver function. And the liver is all about detoxifying your body.

Seaweed. It's light and it's strangely tasty and it's really good at helping purge lead from your body. It's also becoming more readily available at grocery stores everywhere.

Sesame Seeds. They might be small, but they can play a huge role in making sure your liver is functioning properly–especially if you intend to have an adult beverage later in the week.

Beets. What's not to love about beets? They have a spectacular color and they're full of magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium–all of which help your body flush toxins.

Basil. It doesn't always get a starring role in salads, but maybe basil should. After all, can iceberg lettuce claim to have powerful anti-bacterial properties? No, but basil does.

Ginger. To truly flush your system of toxins, add some ginger to your meals. It's a powerhouse that can cleanse your system, boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

Pineapple. This one is easy to enjoy. Not only does pineapple taste great, but it cleans your colon and improves digestion. Avocados. They're full of colon-cleansing power, they're creamy and they taste great.

Cinnamon. Cinnamon can add a kick to almost any meal. Plus, it's chuck full of iron, calcium and manganese, which can help keep your blood sugar in check.

Apples. An apple a day may help keep the doctor away–because apples are nutrient-rich.