Life is full of all kinds of random events and unfortunately some are sad and difficult. Freak accidents can happen like a car accident which took place in the life one of our patients – Jericho.

All of us know that even small health problems like a minor ache can make our daily life difficult. But for Jericho it was not a minor ache. Our patient who experienced this tragic event wrote about the constant pain that accompanied him throughout his everyday activities.

Fortunately, thanks to his weight loss surgery (and personal dedication!) Jericho was able to lose a significant amount of weight which gave him the power to overcome his struggles with recovery. Today Jericho can not only function 99 percent normally but he can even run and exercise!

Please read yourself what Jericho has to say. BeLiteWeight is really glad that our team was part of his great recovery.

Before any PreOp I weighed I believe 368. So I am down 200# in 13 months. I was in a car accident in 2003 and I hade been in pain everyday since then till about July/Aug of 2020. Since then I have been pain free, no more back or ankle pain. I am able to work out.. run. Since my car accident I was unable to walk up and down stairs.. now running up and down stairs is part of my workout routine. I am no longer snoring or using a CPAP machine. I am still struggling with what I can and cannot eat. But overall all the struggles in the beginning are all worth it. I went from a 4X short to a Small, A 54 Jean to a 33 Jean/ with a belt. Thank You Guys

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