Sometimes, the benefits of Gastric Sleeve surgery can be more impactful than just the amount of weight lost.

For Shelly, the benefits of weight loss surgery were much more than just the number of pounds lost – read in her words below:

I’m doing good! I started at 240 two years ago and I lost down to 175 over the next few months. But then it stopped.

I am still currently at 175. I’ve maintained for a year and a half now. The weight was never the biggest issue for me, it was how I felt.

I feel amazing now. The Dr even took me off a few of my prescriptions!

I completely appreciate your program. I’ve told all of my friends. I am always pitching this program to them! It has been life changing!

It doesn’t seem like a huge amount of loss, but it was life changing for me!

I really thank & appreciate you guys so much!

You’re welcome Shelly and we thank YOU for taking the time to share your progress with us. The benefits of Gastric Sleeve surgery definitely out-weigh (pun intended) the number on the scale, or even the number of pounds lost. We are happy to hear that you’re off some prescriptions and that you feel amazing now! You look GREAT! 🙂