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Eat Eggs Every Day Any Day!!

Eggs are gaining popularity as not only a breakfast food but also as a supplement for a quick lunch or supper. They are an important dietary staple and are used in various sweet and savoury preparations throughout the world. They are a good inexpensive source for high quality proteins and a huge health booster!

Here are top 8 benefits of eggs:

  1. Vitamins:

Eggs have almost all the vitamins required for a healthy body. Vitamins are mostly needed by the body in small quantities and are organic in nature. Eggs are both balanced and completely natural!

Some of the Vitamins found in the egg are:

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  1. Weight Loss:

Contrary to the belief that eggs are unhealthy and fattening, they actually help to reduce weight. This is because eggs are filling, keeping our stomach fully satisfied for a long duration while also low in calories. Eggs help limit calorie intake, thus helping in weight reduction. A perfect food for those struggling to get nutrients after weight loss surgery!

  1. Minerals:

Eggs are a storehouse for essential minerals that are vital for the body. Iron, phosphorous, zinc are some of the main minerals found in the eggs. Iron is needed to gain energy and one can easily get tired if the body does not have a sufficient supply. Phosphorous is needed for healthy bones and teeth whereas zinc helps support our bodies immune system keeping us in top form.

  1. Cholesterol and Heart Disease:

One of myths about eating eggs is that they are unhealthy because those who eat them are more susceptible to heart disease. On the contrary, new studies show that eggs contain large amount of HDL or good cholesterol. Increases in HDL generally lead to a reduction in heart diseases, strokes and other health issues. This is because it is the saturated fat in the diet and not the dietary cholesterol in the body that effects the level of blood cholesterol in our body.

  1. Choline:

Ever heard of it before? Chances are that you never have. Eggs contain Choline, an important nutrient needed by our body in sufficient quantities. A single egg contains more than 100 mg of Choline. Choline is generally grouped with Vitamin B. They help in making cell membranes, and are also involved in memory and muscle control as well as many other body functions.

  1. Eye Health:

Egg Yolk or the dreaded yellow potion of an egg contains two major antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These antioxidants reduce cataract and muscular degeneration, which are major reasons for vision impairment and blindness.

  1. Proteins with amino acids:

Eggs are one of the best natural sources of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle, skin, blood and bones. Generally, a medium-sized egg weighing 44g typically contains 5.53g of protein. Eggwhite is rich in proteins and is regularly used by athletes and bodybuilders to help muscle building, bone development and acts as an energy powerhouse for workouts.

  1. Organic, Free Range, and Pasture-Raised

Looking to maximize all of these benefits? Hens that are raised on a varied diet of organic greens instead of hormone and antibiotic tainted feed offer a much more nutritional profile. However do not be fooled by companies who market their eggs as organic and free range. Often times their hens are only offered very limited time outside and are not fed a proper diet. Studies show that properly raised pasture-raised hens offer eggs with less cholesterol and fat but more omega-3s, vitamin A and E, and Lutein!

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