We received Catalina’s testimonial while she was on vacation in Costa Rica and had to share her inspiring story and photos. Wait until you see Catalina’s AMAZING transformation – she looks awesome!

Here is what she wrote in her own words and keep scrolling to see more photos.


Hello from Costa Rica Joanne !!

I’m on a vacation and in the best shape of my life!!! Ever!!  

At 57 years old. I never EVER ever believed that I would be this healthy at this age and in a sense reverse my aging and all the damage that I did to my body from being obese for over 30 years .

I’m so pleased and happy with the way I look and feel!! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do the RNY through Be-lite and the doctors in Mexico. My entire experience was flawless …Well except for my new digestive system ….It definitely took me a few years to get used to my new system but I think I’ve got a handle on it as this is my four year celebration of being healthy.

I wonder if you have a before picture of me (?) , I certainly don’t know where any are and I’d love to share the comparison. At my highest I was 250 pounds. (She found a before pic):

Catalina Before WM

I’m currently maintaining at 118lbs since surgery recovery & got down to 110lbs was my lowest weight.

Although I was obese for many years, I was a fairly healthy obese person, never on any medication’s so I was lucky there.

I am now in Pilates teacher training and doing Pilates consistently for the last five years as well as swimming , walking and riding my bike has really helped to reshape my body. I will send you a video of me last week here at the thermal spa in Costa Rica.

Catalina After Collage

I thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement as well as any guidance I might need .

If you would like to use my story as one of your many success stories I am free to share more information and photos.

Pura Vida ~ Catalina

We really enjoy seeing our patient’s photos and hearing about their own personal weight loss journey – we find them very inspiring! Congratulations Catalina – we are so happy for your success and glad you are living your best life! You definitely look fabulous but the best part is that you FEEL great! You’ve done the work over the last 4 years – keep enjoying your amazing transformation! The smile on your face says it all!

Here are a few more photos Catalina sent:

Catalina After Collage

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