There are a lot of reasons to have gastric sleeve surgery. Some are obvious–you'll lose weight, it's good for you and you'll look better. Some are not so obvious.

Here's a list of five surprising reasons to have gastric sleeve surgery.


It's a proven fact that overweight people who have gastric sleeve surgery have more energy after the procedure. They feel better. They want to be more active. And they are more active, which, in turn, helps them keep off the weight.

5 Reasons You Should Get Gastric Sleeve Surgery | BeliteWeight | #WeightLoss #wls #gastricsleeveThink of all the things you've always wanted to do–join a gym, wake up earlier and actually enjoy the morning before work and maybe even run a 5K–but just didn't have the energy to accomplish.

After gastric sleeve surgery, most people feel better, more motivated. And many of those people turn that energy into productivity and accomplish things that weren't possible before.


Losing weight can help you (and your partner) sleep better. People who are overweight often experience windpipe obstruction, which causes snoring and general restlessness. It can also be a factor in sleep apnea, which can be deadly.

Your Knees

Research shows that every pound of weight you lose takes four pounds of pressure off your knees. So if your knees hurt now–if walking up stairs feels like climbing a mountain, losing weight will make them feel a whole lot better.

Think about the possibilities. You'll be able to take the stairs with the rest of your colleagues. You'll be able to play a little football with your kids in the fall without worrying about icing down the knees all afternoon. But more importantly, you'll feel less pain.

5 Reasons You Should Get Gastric Sleeve Surgery | BeliteWeight | #WeightLoss #wls #gastricsleeveTravel

Let's face it: traveling is fun. But it's more fun when you have energy, your knees don't hurt and you look great in a bathing suit.

One of the best things about gastric sleeve surgery is that it allows you to travel more freely, without worrying about how you look in a two piece (or whether or not you'll comfortably fit into the tiny seats the airlines force everyone into.


This could be the best reason of all to have the surgery. Many people who do report in increased sex drive, which, when combined with more energy, can make you feel like a kid again.