Guide to Reusing Old ClothesOne of the rewards of successfully losing weight after gastric bypass surgery is replacing your wardrobe. You're smaller, so your clothes need to be smaller. It's fun, but it does lead to one question: What's a newly slim person to do with all those old, baggy clothes?

Throwing them out seems wasteful. Selling them online or at a garage sale is a lot of work for a relatively little reward. Donating them to a charity is worthwhile. And, if you're the crafty type, you can make something wonderful out of them.

Here's how:

Make wrapped bracelets for yourself, your friends and your family. Wrapped bracelets are easy to make, they're fun to make and best of all: they look cool.

Turn a tee into a market tote. Now that you've lost a lot of weight thanks to your gastric bypass surgery, those old t-shirts are way too big. But they're perfect for totes! Not only are they incredibly stylish, but they're also eco-friendly. Turning an old t-shirt into a tote bag is easy—and it means you won't need disposable plastic bags at the grocery store anymore.

Create a knotted rug. Durable, fun and relatively simple to make, knotted rugs can add a personal touch to any room—and give your old clothes a whole new life!

Make a department-store quality necklace. You see stylish necklaces every time you go shopping, right? Don't buy one. Make one instead. All you need is a soft cotton t-shirt (using all the same color fabric will give your necklace an elegant look similar to those you see in department stores), a ruler and scissors.

Make placemats. You've done a great job changing your eating habits after your gastric bypass surgery, so why not celebrate your accomplishments every time you sit down to eat? A great way to remind yourself of how far you've come is to turn your old t-shirts into placemats. All you'll need is a loom and some colorful old t-shirt scraps. Then, it's time to celebrate with a healthy meal—plated atop your new placemats!