Regina had her Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico with surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Dr. Elmo Aramburo at the Star Medica Hospital. She wrote after returning home and gave us permission to share with you her experience.

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico: A Patient's Experience | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss SurgeryHi Joanne,

Wow, what a weekend. I have to say, this was an awesome experience. Your staff, Dr. Rod, Dr. Elmo and the staff at Star Medica, were all so awesome. I am so happy I chose to go with Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Dr. Elmo Aramburo for my surgery. From the moment Sergio picked me up, to dropping off at the hospital, I felt like I was safe. Through pre-op x-rays, iv insertion, blood samples, pre-surgery routine to post-op care. This staff of doctors, nurses, and assistance really cared about me. There English was as good as my Spanish, but we managed to get through all language barriers.

Since I have arrived home, I have had nothing but energy. I appreciate it and I am for sure not complaining about it. I wake up feeling better. I am already moving…carefully so. I don't even fell like I had any surgery-outside of the bandages that are around my midsection. I am in no pain. I get an occasional hunger pain that seems to linger a little bit longer than normal, but I am sure those will eventually dissipate.

This whole journey to the day was awesome. I am truly excited about what the future holds for me. The smile has yet to leave my face. I honestly feel like a new person. Mainly because, my weight is the one thing that I could never master or keep under control. So now I have this tool, this AWESOME tool that will help me conquer this part of me. I am so much happier…I really wish I would have done this sooner, but I guess everything is in God's perfect timing.

Please give muchas gracias to Dr. Rod, Dr. Elmo and staff, and many thanks to you and your staff as well.

God Bless


I'm on my way to the loser’s bench!!