Do you know there is a vast difference between losing weight and losing fat? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Ask most people about their health and fitness goals, and they’ll blithely tell you that they want to lose weight. But if they were really thinking about it, they’d be a lot more specific and tell you that they want to lose fat.

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Weight loss is lowering the sum of your entire body weight. You can achieve your weight-loss goals through a lot of ways—by losing fat, by losing muscle, by decreasing the amount of water in your body and maybe, if your name is Rapunzel, then by cutting your hair.

Fat loss, on the other hand pertains exclusively to lowering the overall amount of fat on your body. This of course, is what most people mean when they say they want to lose weight. They’re really talking about losing fat, because losing body fat makes you look better, feel better and more likely to live better.

But what people mean and what people actually wind up doing are two different things.

Most people don’t focus on body fat. They lose weight by avoiding carbs (and then gain it all back the first time they eat pasta). They starve themselves (and wonder why they feel so tired). Or they do a combination of the two by going on a fad diet (and then get sick because their bodies lack the necessary nutrients to stay healthy).
In the end, people who simply focus on losing weight often wind up disappointed and as heavy (or heavier) than when they started.

However, those who focus on losing fat often reach their goals, feel better and keep the weight off. So instead of measuring your progress by what the scale says, measure it by how much more muscle you have, how much stronger you are and how much smaller your measurements are.

If you have more muscle, are stronger and smaller, you’re probably losing fat instead of just losing weight.

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