How sick we get when we catch different infections depends on everyone’s immune system. We each have a very complicated system of defense that is regulated on many levels.

Due to aging or the course of chronic diseases the efficiency of the immune system decreases. That is why certain groups of patients are particularly vulnerable to disease and suffer from more severe infections of any kind.

All of us have compromised our immune system in the past and we are not able to rebuild it overnight. Therefore, at this particular time we must pay attention to what we can do to best support it.

Diet, lifestyle, and the ability to deal with stress are the most crucial tools at our disposal to prevent severe complications due to viral infections. If we properly manage each of these things it will improve our chances of recovery.

Vitamins C and D have been recognized as potential preventative tactics for severe infections. Simply taking these vitamins has the potential to save thousands of lives. Patients who are seriously struggling with the coronavirus at New York State’s largest hospital receive 1,500 mg of vitamin C three to four times a day.

Vitamin C in very high doses may even act as an antiviral drug, potentially killing different viruses. The Journal of the American Medical Association found that having a Vitamin D deficiency increases your risk of testing positive for coronavirus by nearly 80 percent.

Vitamin D also enhances immune function and allows the host organism to fight the viruses more effectively. Vitamin D also inhibits inflammatory processes which have been known to target vital organs.

But that’s not all, other vitamins also have hidden powers that you may not know about. For example Vitamin B1 also improves immune function, can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes, and can help maintain healthy blood oxygen levels.

Vitamin B3 and B5 help to fight inflammation and also improves the mental state and condition of our brain. Vitamin B9 aids enzyme production which is vital in fighting off bacterial or viral infections.

We all should make sure we are getting enough of these vitamins and keep in our minds how important they are in preventing any possible fight with infection and viruses.

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