Despite so many wonderful and touching stories of our patients, actually seeing how far they have come will never stop surprising us!

Let’s meet Cofi. Thanks to the Gastric Sleeve surgery and determination she not only got rid of her health problems but is now a… mom! Yes a mom! What wonderful news. Cofi struggled with many health difficulties due to being overweight. During one of her visits, she heard that perhaps she would never be able to have children. It must have been very difficult. Despite everything, Cofi did not break down and took fate into her own hands. Today her daughter is growing day by day and reminds Cofi that everything is possible. Cofi knows that we ourselves have the power to change our future.

Here is what she writes:

Id struggle all my life with my weight, trying every diet there was out there and never being successful ultimately becoming diabetic and having high blood pressure. I was told that I would never be able to have kids because of my weight. After having this surgery all of that has changed. I have reversed my diabetes. I no longer have high blood pressure, and now I am a mom to my beautiful baby girl. This surgery saved my life and gave me what I’ve always wanted. To be a mother.

Once again congratulations on your success, we wish you and your daughter a lot of good health 🙂

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