My Medicare Journey: Raeann 12 Months After Gastric Sleeve

”Even the furthest journey begins with the first step”

Did you know that if you or someone you know has Medicare part A and B that weight loss surgery could be a covered benefit?

The BeLiteWeight team knows this quote well and has once again helped a client through the hoops and requirements to have Medicare cover her initial weight loss surgery and as well as her revision surgery. Raeann agreed to share her results with all of you.

Raeann’s surgical weight loss ”journey” started quite early, she had Lap Band in 2007 but it had to be taken out in 2017. However, the story of our patient gets even more amazing. During her initial recovery from her Band removal surgery Raeann fell ill with unrelated thyroid issues but as she says, she never gave up! Eventually she recovered and had her revision to the Gastric Sleeve in July 2018! Today she proudly tells us about her achievements:

My starting weight with the band was 315 and got down to 100 pounds (I’m only 5’1″). I lost a total of 215 pounds with my band. In the year after my band had to be removed I regained up to 206 and then had my revision and I got down to 139. 

Photos of her journey:

Our patient proves that it is worth it to be brave starting a new road, even when the destination seems very distant. If you or a loved one is suffering from obesity then you can also take this journey with us too! “If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet”

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What You Need to Know About Bariatric Revision Surgery

Bariatric surgery has an incredible success rate—about 80 percent of the 200,000 Americans who have weight loss surgery each year see the results they expected, according to researchers at the University of Miami School of Medicine. That's a lot of people whose lives have been changed for the better.

But what about the few who aren't so lucky?

Sometimes, weight-loss surgery doesn't work the first time. Sometimes the patient's body doesn't respond well to the procedure, sometimes the patient isn't ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes people need bariatric revision surgery.

Bariatric revision surgery corrects complications from an original procedure—and makes it easier for you join the 80 percent of Americans for whom weight loss surgery works.

Here's what you need to know about bariatric revision surgery:

It's not necessarily your fault the first surgery didn't work

Sometimes bariatric surgery just doesn't work. Maybe your body didn't respond to the treatment, maybe you had other medical issues that got in the way of your goals. The bottom line is that sometimes the surgery just doesn't work so another procedure is necessary.

You have several options

Obviously if the first procedure didn't produce the desired results, there is no need to try the same thing again. Luckily your surgeon can offer alternatives treatments, including which could include a lap band to gastric sleeve (revision), lap band to bypass revision or sap band over bypass revision.

The bottom line is that you and your doctors have options.

It's all about you—and your success

No two bariatric revision surgeries are the same. Every person's body is different and reacts differently to weight loss surgery. That's why it's important to connect with a surgeon who is skilled in revision procedures—and to take care of yourself first.

Together, you and your surgeon will take a close look at why the first procedure didn't work well and figure out a strategy for making the second one a success.

It's important to stay positive and forward-looking. Remember, you're only one step away from joining the 80 percent of healthy, happy patients.