Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Wayne Westmoreland We would like to introduce you to one of our bariatric surgeon partners, Dr. Wayne Westmoreland. He offers the Gastric Sleeve packages at affordable pricing, as well as Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve revision surgery.

A short ten years ago Dr. Westmoreland was one of "those doctors" that we have all encountered at one time or another. The type of doctor who believe that with great willpower and diet & exercise, obese people could lose the extra weight without resorting to surgery. He writes, "One day I realized I that I had it all wrong and gained a better understanding and a sympathetic attitude about people dealing with obesity. I began to understand that obesity affects people mentally as well as emotionally and can impact their health in serious ways."

Dr. Westmorland then went about taking his surgical skill, education and better understanding of obesity related issues, and used that knowledge to put together the "cadillac" of Weight Loss Surgery. His office offers a full time office manager, Susan, who handles everything in a timely manner, a nutritionalist to get patients off on the right foot for their Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery, a psychologist and other staff to fully support his patients. From start to finish (and beyond,) Dr. Westmoreland and his staff are dedicated to the success of the patient before and after their weight loss surgery. 

If you would like to read more about Dr. Westmoreland's credentials please click here.

Special Pricing for Weight Loss SurgeryFor a limited time Dr. Westmoreland is offering the Gastric Sleeve Surgery package for $11,750.00* and The Gastric Band to Sleeve revision surgery starting at $12,750.00*. It's hard to find a surgeon willing to do revisions in the USA so we are really excited at such affordable revision pricing. Please contact us today and one of our patient facilitators can assist you with full details.

*terms and conditions apply for both packages