Hi Joanne! First of thank you so much! I would be honored to share my experience with others. 

I had my lap band surgery a little over 3 years ago. Throughout my entire life I always struggled with my weight. As a 23 year old young man I was in really bad shape. I suffered from hypertension high cholesterol and arthritis. My insurance carrier at the time would not allow me to have surgery at all due to the fact that it was considered cosmetic. 

I heard about BeLiteWeight through a family member who had recently had gastric bypass done in Mexico. The cost for the lap band surgery at the time was extremely too expensive to have the procedure done in the United States without insurance. I was completely surprised regarding the difference between cost if I decided to go through your company and have the surgery. Your staff were completely helpful and supportive during this process. The hospital was honestly the most beautiful hospital I have ever seen and the room reminded me of a beautiful hotel room. I had my procedure done in Juarez, Mexico at Star Medica Hospital with Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Dr. Elmo Aramburo.

My life has changed considerably since having the Lap Band procedure done. When I went in to have the surgery I weighed a little over 300 pounds. Yesterday I weighed myself and I weigh 219 pounds! It has taken some time for the weight to come off but with hard work and determination and using the Lap Band as a tool for success, I  am definitely proud of the person that I am becoming. This may sound corny but BeLiteWeight has truly changed my life! I am a better me! I am looking forward to my continued journey! 

Procedure: Lap Band / Gastric Band Surgery
Surgeons: Dr. Jose Rodriguez Villareal & Dr. Elmo Aramburo