Lap Band Surgery: Jets Coach Rex Ryan Achieves His Goal!No matter how much you have to lose, weight loss is tough. When you need to drop 100 lbs. or more, losing weight can become downright daunting. Diet and exercise play a role, to be sure; however a change in approach and attitude are also necessary(not unlike the way a coach may help his team prepare to face a formidable opponent).

NFL coach Rex Ryan and his NY Jets may battle on the football field, but his personal battle with weight was likely a lot more tough than any gridiron opponent. Prior to his 2010 lap band surgery, Ryan tipped the scales at a life-threatening 348 lbs. Today, Coach Ryan sports 242 lbs. on his athletic frame, lowering both his blood pressure and cholesterol and dramatically changing his appearance.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, or lap band surgery, is a procedure in which an inflatable ring, made of silicone, is placed around the upper part of the stomach. The ring tightens the area so that the patient feels fuller sooner, and longer, that previously experienced. This limit’s the amount of food taken in at any one meal, thus limiting the calories consumed and resulting in weight loss. Because the ring is adjustable, the doctor can increase the fit around the stomach as the patient loses, to continue the weight loss.

Of course, lap band surgery is not a quick fix by any means. If you opt for lap band surgery, you’ll still need to change to a healthier diet and incorporate exercise as part of your daily routine. Like all surgeries, lap band surgery carries risks. It’s really up to you and your physician to decide whether the risks of the surgery outweigh the lifelong risks of an unhealthy body weight.

If you have ample weight to lose and you‘re not sure how to approach dropping those extra pounds, take a page out of Coach Rex Ryan’s play book and speak to your doctor about lap band surgery. Not only will this type of gastric surgery help you level the playing field, but it will also put your goal in sight.