You know the drill: One for them, one for you. Following weight loss surgery, many women wind up doing double duty in the kitchen. They prepare a dinner for their family … and then another for themselves. This isn't an unexpected issue during the first six months, when people who've had weight loss procedures are limited to liquid diets. But after that, it can become exhausting and frustrating.

Cooking two meals each night is a lot of work. So stop doing it. Do yourself (and your family) a favor and cook weight loss recipes that are good for you and taste good to them. Here's how:

    How to Cook Weight Loss Recipes That Your Family Will Love

  1. Involve them in the selection process
  2. Let your kids help plan the weekly menu. They'll be a lot more excited to try your healthy meals if they picked the meal.
  3. Let them cook Cooking with your kids does two things: It takes some of the pressure off you, and it gives you a chance to help them learn about how to prepare healthy meals. They'll also love trying the foods they're making, which means you won't have to make two meals.
  4. Slowly introduce healthier options You need protein and your kids love meat; it's a perfect match–if you take your time and slowly introduce them to new forms of meat. Instead of fried chicken, make them a grilled chicken breast one night–and then cover it in cheese for them. Instead of fish sticks, substitute baked fish (without any batter). Don't take away their high-fat, fried foods all at once. Just slowly give them something new. Over time, their tastes will adjust.
  5. Find balance and be creative Vegetables are critical to your health and weight loss success, but your kids probably don't like them. That's okay, you should still put them on their plate–but find creative ways to make them something your kids will eat. You can smother them in butter or cheese (and then slowly cut back on the butter and cheese) or offer your kids a metaphorical carrot–"You eat your vegetables, and we'll let you have some ice cream tonight." That's balance.