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Eating seafood is complicated to say the least. When eaten properly fish are a great weight loss tool as a valuable source of protein and providing other essential fats and nutrients. For example, Pacific Wild Salmon is widely known as a rich source of essential Omega 3-s. However, there are so many different fish and various environmental concerns to be aware of that the task can often seem daunting. This guide hopefully breaks things down pretty easily!

Fishing Nets fish to avoid fish to enjoy weight loss nutrition

Fish Fraud & Quality
There are certain questions you should always ask before you eat a fish:

Where is it sourced? Is it farmed or wild? 
Certain fish contain minimum toxins only when sourced in specific areas. 

Does the seller actually have the right fish? fish fraud is common. 
If the deal seems too good to be true it probably is. Only buy from credible sources and find out how it was sourced.

Is it a low or high mercury fish?
This is the most important and complicated question. Each fish has different levels of toxins based on what the fish is, where it is sourced, and other factors such as the age and size. Larger and older fish have more denser mercury levels. 

Shrimp fish to avoid fish to enjoy weight loss nutrition

Fish to Enjoy

Crab – Avoid canned and artificial versions. They are high in sodium.
Catfish – American catfish has lower toxin levels than those imported.
Salmon – Larger and older salmon have more mercury. Pacific salmon is best.
Skipjack Tuna – Foreign Albacore tuna can have up to 3x more mercury than skipjack! 
Scallops – Come in all shapes and sizes and are low in toxins but high in protein.

*More Fish to Enjoy include Trout, Oysters, Crayfish, Shrimp, Sardines, 

Swordfish fish to avoid fish to enjoy weight loss nutrition

Fish to Avoid

Wild Chilean Sea Bass – Often found with high amounts of mercury.
Swordfish – Big and old with very high levels of mercury.
Blue Fin Tuna – High mercury levels because of size and age as well.
Grocery Sushi Trays – Mostly made with low-quality seafood worsened with preservatives.

*More Fish to Avoid include Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Caviar, Tilefish, Orange Roughy, Shark, King Mackeral, Tilapia, & Atlantic Cod

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