Fasting For Weight Loss - Is It Working? | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss ServicesMost people would like to lose at least a little weight, and some would like to lose a lot. There are many types of diets you could go on to lose that weight, and some of them are effective if you are committed to continue the diet long enough. Fasting for weight loss is considered a "fad diet", and weight loss can certainly be accomplished by fasting. Fasting diets have several approaches, with some being more effective than others. Most fasting diets restrict solid foods and the dieter satisfies their appetite by consuming pureed fruits, vegetables and fruit juices.

The problem with losing weight through fasting is that the weight usually is gained again once the period of fasting is over. Most of the weight loss occurs as a result of fluid loss, and returns when the person resumes their normal lifestyle. Some health professionals consider fasting for weight loss to be a type of anorexia, and the bodies of those individuals who have lost weight through fasting show a large percentage of their body weight is still fat.

If you are someone who has tried many different types of diets, and still have not achieved the weight loss you need to be healthy, weight loss surgery may be an option you should consider. Weight loss surgery was once limited to gastric bypass surgery, but recent developments include procedures that are less invasive and much safer. One such procedure is gastric sleeve plication, a procedure that involves only a very small incision to allow for laparoscopy. This entire procedure takes less than an hour to complete, and due to a greatly reduced recovery time, patients can be released from the hospital in 24 hours or less.

While gastric plication is the least invasive type of weight loss surgery, it can be very effective if your doctor's orders are strictly followed. While the size of your stomach is reduced, it can be stretched out again you do not adequately restrict your diet. The thing about gastric plication, however, is that no studies have been conducted on its long-term effectiveness because it is a newer surgery, so that is definitely something to keep in mind.Even so, weight loss surgery is a great option for those wanting to lose weight, but it’s always a good idea to try regular exercise and a healthier diet first.