The moon affects people. Even scientists have no doubts about it. The moon helps regulate the ebb and flow of our planet in various ways. For example, plants often grow according to its phases and now evidence suggests it plays a role in determining our mood.

As unbelievable as it may seem, taking advantage of the moons cycles may actually help you lose weight. Today we will tell you how this can be possible. Our new astrological predictions can come true even faster than you think 😉

First of all, find the lunar calendar. Once you know the phases of the moon it will be easier for you to try introduce some new habits for each one.

A New Beginning. This is the perfect time to start your diet. This phase is great for detoxification. In addition, it is easier to give up unpleasant habits such as smoking, alcohol or eating sweets. The body begins thorough self-cleaning, gets rid of deposits and toxins, excess fat and cholesterol. You are in great mental shape and you work efficiently. This is a great time for one-day cleansing treatments

FIRST QUARTER (After New Moon)
Elimination time. Your body burns Calories more slowly and absorbs more than it burns. Also, more water accumulates in the body. Try to replace in your menu:
– natural coffee for grain coffee
– tea for herbal infusions
– salt for with natural spices
– butter, margarine, meats, meats, mayonnaise for vegetable oils, fish, mushrooms, tofu and other soy products

During this time, the body retains the most water. You are swollen, nervous, and explosive, and you lack strength. Choose products that have a calming effect, such as nuts, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. As well as products that facilitate the removal of water from the body like eggplants, asparagus, celery, parsley, cucumbers, berries, and citrus. DRINK MUCH MORE WATER THAN USUAL

The body uses a lot of energy at this time so you can feel especially fit. Small sins in the diet are forgiven. JUST A LITTLE, let’s not overdo it 😉 In this phase you can also reach for more fiber found fruit or vegetables. However its best to choose those that facilitate digestion: e.g. cabbage in all varieties, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, fresh and dried plums.

As you can see, the phases of the moon can have a big influence on many aspects of our lives so we should plan accordingly. Although astrology may seem superstitious to you, it is worth paying attention to the cycles to see if it is myth or not 😉