It’s Cyber Monday and Amazon has some really great deals available…We wanted to share some of our favorite Weight Loss Surgery products that you may find to be helpful, either for after your surgery or presently if you are already a patient.

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Sports Research Biotin is one of the best we have found. It’s 10,000 mcg’s all in one small capsule. It’s on sale for $13.96 for 120 count (3 months) supply. It’s a GREAT deal!

Vitamin D3

SBR Nutrition has sublingual Vitamins that we take when not using the patch kind of vitamins that go on your skin. Many weight loss patients either become deficient or already are deficient in D vitamins before their surgery. The Vitamin D3 + K2 Liquid Drops are only $16.79 and since the dosage is only 1 drop, it’s lasts a very long time:

Vitamin B12

Feeling a bit lacking in energy? You might be B12 deficient. The sublingual B12 from SBR Nutrition is only $15.18 and lasts a long time:

Miscellaneous SBR Nutrition Sublingual Vitamins

SBR Nutrition is good quality and very easy for Weight Loss Surgery patients so here’s a link to their other items in case you find something else you want to try: SBR Nutrition Search Sale Link:


A good probiotic is always recommended for good gut health. These delayed release capsules allow the good bacteria to get into your intestinal track before your stomach acid starts to attack and kill it. We recommend Sports Research 60 Billion Strain Probiotics for Men or Women – Delayed Release Capsules – a 1 month supply is only $17.46


Bariatric Fusion – Calcium Soft Chews – Variety of Flavors (most are $20.79 for 60 count):



Ok this isn’t a Cyber Monday deal but I came across this limited edition flavor from Premier Protein – Root Beer Float. It looks good! I haven’t personally tried it, so if you do please let us know how you like it! Root Beer Float Premier Protein


Collagen helps your skin, hair and nails along with your bones and joints. Vital Proteins Collagen Water (various flavors) is also a good way to stay hydrated after your surgery. It’s only $30.00 for 12 – This is NOT zero calories/carbs so limit to 1 or 2 a day.

Vital Proteins Collagen also comes in a powder or as gummies:

Vital Proteins Collagen Powder – Various Sales:

Vital Proteins Collagen Gummies – Various Sales:


Adding Electrolyte Powder to water is a good way to replenish the fluids you lose during surgery, as well as the loss of sodium that happens when you are eating the lower carb pre-op and post-op diets. (Check with your primary care doctor if you are on any kind of sodium restrictions).

Ultima Replenisher has a 4 Flavor Variety Pack that is sugar free – 20 Count for only $15.99

An even better deal is JUNP Hydration Electrolyte Powder Variety Pack with 18 Count for only $15.16


It’s always suggested that Weight Loss Surgery patients use smaller plates, bowls and utensils. It’s been proven in study after study that by using a smaller plate your brain registers the full plate as being “enough”. When using a larger plate and small portions there’s too much “space” and your brain registers that space as “not enough”.


We like to use ramekins as a multi-purpose dish. These Dizada Ramekins are a perfect 3 ounce size and you get 8 of them for only $14.17

To-Go Container

Using snack compartments for your lunch on the go is a good way to use up your left overs from the night before. These cute little containers fill the bill: Carrotez 2 Compartment “Snack” Containers – 2 Pack $13.59


2 Pack Bariatric Surgery Portion Control Plate – $16.09

A nicer & more upscale option is Lawei’s Bamboo 4 Section Portion Control Plate – $14.39


Slow your eating down by using small utensils. Ansukow has a cute little travel utensil set for only $6.39


Listening to a Book or a Podcast is a great way to walk or exercise. It really keeps you going, especially when you are getting a bit tired. Audible is a good place to have some fresh listening options –

Is there anything else you can think of that we forgot? Amazon has some amazing deals –

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