A very yummy dish that is normally a family dinner favorite happens to be chicken Marsala, a chicken in a creamy wine sauce with diced mushrooms. However, some ingredients in certain chicken Marsala recipes require too much carbohydrates or bad fats, but this particular recipe is for those watching their weight or want to have a healthier alternative.

Red potatoes, green beans, mushrooms are all great sources of the nutrients and vitamins your body needs well as fiber, protein, and not to mention very tasty when together in a dish like this. In particular, this dish is rich with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, increased heart health, and cancer fighting nutrients.

Here are the ingredients you will need. This particular recipe will make a single serving, so plan accordingly.

  • Two tablespoons flour
  • One fourth salt and black pepper
  • Four ounce chicken breast
  • One teaspoon of canola oil
  • One garlic clove
  • One tablespoon of onion, diced
  • One cup of mushrooms, sliced
  • One third cup of Marsala wine
  • One tablespoon of half-and-half
  • Four potatoes, roasted
  • One cup green beans, steamed

And here is the preparation for the Chicken Marsala dish:

  • Mix your two tablespoons flour with the one-fourth teaspoon each salt and black pepper. Then, take your chicken breast and rub the flour on the chicken breast on both sides.
  • Heat the canola oil in a large skillet with medium heat, then sauté the onions and garlic for roughly one minute.
  • Add the mushrooms and then cook for another five minutes. Afterward, you will want to push the mushrooms to the side on the skillet and put the chicken in and sear both sides for about three minutes each.
  • Finally, add the 1/3 cup of Marsala wine, putting the heat on low and allowing for the wine to reduce to about half. Take chicken out of the skillet, drizzle contents on chicken, and then add the roasted potatoes and steamed green beans on the side.

Salt, black pepper, and butter can be added in dashes for taste but for the most part this is a ready-made recipe that is healthy and easy to prepare.