Types of Diets|BeLite Weight

Between diets that require you to eat low-carb meals, no-carb meals and eating nothing but cabbage, it can be hard to figure out which diet is actually the best for losing weight.
If you read all the magazines promoting the latest celebrity diet fads and all the information on the Internet, it can appear that there are literally thousands of different “miracle weight loss” diets to choose from.

Truth is, there isn’t.

Sure, you can find a diet exhorting almost anything–nothing but diet soda, cabbage, and maybe even black dirt–but if you’re looking for a truly healthy, truly safe, and truly effective diet, you’ve basically got a few basic options:

The Fad Diet
They have names like “The Caveman,” “South Beach,” and “Cabbage Soup.” You’ve read about it in magazines. The celebrities have done it, and someone might have even produced an infomercial about it: It’s the fad diet. They come and go and change like the weather, but two facts about fad diets remain the same. One: They are said to work extremely well. Two: They are almost certainly unhealthy.

Who in the world can live their lives eating nothing but cabbage soup? Sure, you can do it for a week or two. But after that? No way.

The Deprivation Diet
This diet isn’t so much about making deliberate decisions about what you eat (or don’t eat) as it is about depriving yourself of things you think are making you overweight. You skip the late-night popcorn (once in a while), don’t order fries at the drive-through, or try not to eat any chocolate in the hopes that you’ll avoid extra calories.

It rarely works.

In the end you almost always end up feeling like you’ve missed out on something good and then overcompensate by eating way too much of … everything.

The Balanced Diet
This is the best diet. You eat sensible portions of healthy food and give yourself a treat every now and then. It’s healthy. You’re content. And you are more likely to lose weight.