How To Fight The Craving For Sweets

Cravings for sweets can come at any time. Usually the symptom is a simple drop in blood glucose levels, however if the sudden craving for a sweet snack appears too frequently it could be a sign of sugar addiction leading to serious metabolic diseases. Today we’re going to share with you some clever tricks how to naturally reduce your craving for sweet snacks.

  • One of the most important rules is to drink water REGULARLY. Make sure to have the right amount of it in your diet. Water will help your body regulate the hunger and satisfaction center in the brain.
  • Learn to use healthy substitutes. Once in a while, a piece of dark chocolate or dried figs instead of a milkshake or fruit cake will certainly not hurt you. Consumed once in a while, natural delights will satisfy your sweet desire. In addition. Those snacks are not full of empty calories. A square of dark chocolate is rich in magnesium, potassium and iron.
  • Wash your teeth… that’s right you read this right đŸ˜‰ It really helps. However crazy it sounds, a fresh mouth makes us not want to destroy the feeling, so … we do not eat as much with fresh breath.
  • Carefully read the labels of the products you buy. Sugar is also added in various hidden forms. Sucrose, fructose, sodium glutamate are also enemies of our healthy diet. Also, be careful with xylitol, mannitol and erythritol, which are healthy sugar substitutes. We advise you to reach for pure natural monk fruit – considered to be the healthiest alternative.
  • Start using a simple trick – if you want a sweet cookie or a candy bar, first reach for water and a vegetable like carrots and celery.
  • The scent of vanilla also suppresses the feeling of hunger. If you don’t like its taste in food, buy vanilla oil and spray it over in your home.
  • If you are a coffee fan, we have good news for you. A cup of coffee will surely help you when you suddenly feel like something sweet.
  • Do not keep sweets within vision. Keep them hidden or take them out of the house at all.
  • Finally: Don’t give up.
    It may seem impossible to cut sugar, but as time goes on your taste buds will adapt to this new eating style.

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Top 10 Weight Loss Tips from Around The World

There are as many ways to lose weight as there are countries and cultures on the planet. From Antarctica to Zanzibar, people throughout the world have developed their own unique ways to eat right and stay healthy.

Here's a look at 10 of the most interesting:

Thailand brings the heat. The hot and spicy food can boost your metabolism. More importantly it slows your eating, which is a good weight-loss strategy.

Poland stays home. Eating at restaurants—especially fast-food joints—usually means you're eating more calories and fat. Eat at home and you'll eat healthier.

Brazil is all about the rice and beans. Eating a diet based primarily on rice and beans has been clinically proven to lower your risk of becoming overweight by 14 percent.

Germany always gets off to a fast start. A whopping 75 percent of all Germans eat breakfast every day, which is an important tool to giving your body the energy it needs to start the day right—and fight off cravings.

Switzerland and something called "muesli." For 100 years, the Swiss have been eating muesli, a slow-digesting porridge of oats, fruit and nuts that keeps you satisfied for long periods of time, which means you won't be craving a snack.

England eats less.It's pretty simple in the U.K.: They eat smaller portions.

France is slow and steady. Although it sounds counterintuitive, longer mealtimes actually encourage less eating. In France, each meal lasts more than 30 minutes.

Russia eats what it grows. A lot of Russians have gardens, which encourages them to eat more vegetables, which are healthy, low-carb and low-calorie snacks.

Mexico loves its lunches. Eating the bulk of your daily calories at lunch gives your body more time to burn excess calories. That's how they do it in Mexico.

Hungary is hungry for pickles. Food that is pickled—cucumbers, bell peppers, cabbage and tomatoes—can reduce fat formation.

South Africa loves its tea. In South Africa, people love their rooibos tea, which has a robust flavor and is naturally sweet. They drink this instead of coffee, which usually requires sugar and other flavors. This saves them hundreds of calories a day and thousands a year.