10 of Our Favorite Apps for Weight Loss

What if you had the power to manage your diet at the palm of your hand? Imagine the possibilities. You could count your calories, stay on top of all the steps you have (or haven't) taken and even make menus for your meals–all with a swipe of the finger.

Now you can, thanks to these 10 awesome apps for weight loss:

The Diet Assistant

Android, iPhone

This app is like having a personal chef at your finger tips, allowing you to create personalized meal plans and grocery lists.

The MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

Android, iPhone

Know with precision how many calories you're about to eat by using this app, which offers calorie counts for an impressive 1.5 million types of food and meals.

Lose It!

Android, iPhone

This little beauty helps you keep track of your daily calories and exercise activities. You can also invite your friends to use it with you.



Diet Point

Android, iPhone

Need something healthy to eat but out of ideas? Diet Point offers healthy meal options in 55 different categories.

The Noom Weight Loss Coach

Android, iPhone

The Noom is like having your own personal trainer–one who's really fun. Get access to daily tasks to keep you on track, interesting articles and even fun and healthy exercise challenges.


Android, iPhone

Put your money where your sweat-equity is by committing to a workout plan with GymPact. Meet your goals and you get paid. Fall short and you pay.

7-Minute Workout


You'll always have time for a quick workout–as long as you have seven minutes, an iPhone and access to this app, which will keep you interested with a new workout every day.


Endomondo Sports Tracker

Android, iPhone

Can't remember how many times you worked out this week? Get the Sports Tracker and you'll always know how many minutes of cardio you've done.

The Daily Burn


It's the perfect travel companion–an app that gives you easy access to down-and-dirty exercise videos. Get busy working out in your hotel room and the Daily burn will keep track of all the calories you've burned.


Android, iPhone

This one is for all of you weightlifters. Get JeFit, enter your current stats–how much you can lift, how much you weigh, etc.–and goals and then track your progress on a daily basis.

Top 10 Fitness Apps to Stay Fit

Fitness apps are perfect to keep track of your dieting and healthy lifestyle much easier and simpler, whether it's allowing for you to track your mileage when you run or calories you eat per day.

There are tons of fitness apps out there that are great for your well-being. In fact, here are the top ten fitness apps so you can stay fit and healthy around the clock.

  1. GymPact: This iOS only app has an interesting concept, which is making sure you don't skip out on your gym time by paying you for your time! That's right, this app will pay you to exercise.
  2. Fitness Buddy: This Android app offers over 300 different kinds of exercises. This one happens to be a must-have app for your fitness endeavors.
  3. Pocket Yoga: When you need to wrap up your fitness with some stretching or simply want some low-impact exercising, Pocket Yoga is the perfect companion with 27 different stretches for you. Available for iOS.
  4. Teemo:This iOS app rewards team-effort (having friends who are also exercising is key) and the app also focuses on smaller fitness routines for better overall health.
  5. Zombies, Run! 2: Another Android based app, this one combines zombie apocalypse role-playing elements with real-life running and jogging.
  6. Fitocracy:This is both a fitness social network and it comes fully loaded with a robust tracking system. Available for iOS and Android.
  7. Nike Training Club: Another app available for iOS and Android, this one allows you to build your own personalized goals and workouts to track.
  8. Couch To 5k: For those who need some extra motivation, this app is perfect because it helps you work out in reasonable intervals until you can achieve a 5k run on your own. Available for Android devices.
  9. Fooducate: Part of fitness is also eating healthy and this app will help you understand food labels and pick the right kinds of food. Available for iOS and Android.
  10. FatSecret Calorie Counter: Another food app for Android users, this app is great for tracking, comparing, and analyzing your entire calorie intake so you can be healthier and truly commit to a diet.

Money Talks: Help You Help Yourself Lose Weight

Money Talks: Help You Help Yourself Lose Weight | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss Services When it comes to weight loss, money talks.

It's the reason the dieting industry rakes in 60 billion a year. People invest in diet foods, motivational books and programs.

But maybe it's time they start investing in themselves.

A recent study by the Mayo Clinic shows that people who have financial incentives to drop weight do better than those who don't. And here's the surprising part: it doesn't take a lot of money to motivate someone into losing weight.

Twenty dollars a month is all it took.

The study enrolled a group of people into a program that would pay them $20 if they lost four pounds a month and juxtaposed their results with another group that received no financial rewards for their weight loss.

Naturally, those who had money waiting at the end of the month lost a lot more weight than those who received nothing.

Give yourself monetary rewards to help you on your weight loss journey | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss Services What can you learn from this? Well, how about finding a way to give yourself a financial reward?

You could put $20 in a coffee can on the first of every month and promise not to dip into it until you've had one full month of eating right and working out.

That could work, but it might not feel like much of a reward. After all, it's your own money.

That's why you should consider trying one of two online tools that will actually pay you for reaching your weight loss goals. That's right, you can actually get paid for losing weight–something you want to do anyway.

GymPact is an app that allows you to wager on weight loss. You set your goals–hitting the gym at least three times a week, for example–and then set an amount you're willing to wager on you hitting your goals. Do it and get paid. Don't and you pay in.

HealthyWage is another tool. You pay a $150 fee to enter. Lose 10 percent of your body weight in six months and you walk away with $300. Miss the mark and you lose your $150.

But chances are you won't miss your mark. After all, money talks.