Courage to Change My Life: Jeff’s 4 Year Update

weight loss surgery before after vsg gastiric sleeve

Earlier this month we received a touching letter from one of our blinding success patients Jeff who has really turned his life around since we first chatted with him on the phone about 4 years ago. Read for yourself!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to the amazing folks are and give a quick update. It’s been four years since I found the courage to pick-up the phone and change my life.

When I decided to change my life, I was miserable and unable to do so many of the things that I wanted to do. I was always tired, miserable and my life was absent of anything to keep me going – except food.

When I called, I wanted to do the surgery fast! From the time I first called there was only three weeks until I left for the Gastric Sleeve.

The experience was amazing – and the years following the surgery have also been amazing! I feel great, look great and people tell me that I look so much younger now than I did then.

I can’t tell you how greatful that I am to everyone at Beliteweight for the amazing guidance that I received and for the support leading up to the surgery and the post surgical support that was fantastic from the minute I got home until I felt like I had it under control.

The process was worth it, the cost was unbeatable and the way my life was changed cannot be put into words.

The BeLiteWeight team is so proud of you Jeff! Keep up the hard work and you can achieve all of your goals and inspirations!

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How to Live Again: Karina’s 3 Year Update

One of our most inspirational patients sent us this heart warming email that the team at BeLiteWeight is honored to share with you! Below are pictures of her throughout her journey. You are amazing Karina!!

My heart is full of gratitude as I sit down to write this email . Next week will mark 3 years since I’ve had surgery with Dr.Rodriguez. What a roller coaster this ride has been. From learning to portion control, learning new habits, learning to love the gym , it has honestly been learning how to live again. >>>> We all these changes came self love I never knew I had . Confidence to follow my dreams and the well power to keep going. I have been able to maintain an average of 105lbs lost and have gained about 15 safely . I have had a breast reduction with a lift and I am currently recovering from a tummy Tuck with lipo of the back and flanks. I feel great . Life is great. The work is never done that’s for sure . We will forever gain and loose and fluctuate. What’s important is the healthy habits I have been able to maintain and the structure I have set for myself . I will once again tell you I’ll never forget that lunch time phone call outside my local Starbucks where you told me your story and within a month I had my surgery booked . I was ready .

2 Months!

4 Months!

10 Months!

1 Year!

18 Months!

Doesn’t she look incredible? Karina, you are such an inspiration to people who want to make a major change in their life!

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How I Got Over Emotional Binge Eating

It would happen every night at about nine. Dinner was finished, the dishes were done and the kids' homework had (finally) been finished. For the first time since waking up, I'd have a few minutes to myself–and I'd eat–and eat and eat and eat.

I was a binge eater.

My snacks of choice included microwave popcorn, potato chips and, occasionally, a heaping bowl of ice cream. And that's just for one night.

The stress of being a mother of three young kids, a wife, working full time and trying to maintain some semblance of sanity in our home was taking its toll on me. My only escape from the everyday craziness was between 9 and 10 p.m., when the day's chores were finished and I had an hour to myself before bedtime.

I'd sit on the couch and eat. The time provided comfort and allowed me to sit mindlessly and watch TV while devouring salty and sweet snacks. It made me feel better. It also made me gain a whole lot of weight.

I'm happy to say that I'm no longer a binge eater. I'm reformed, more energetic and feeling better than ever. But getting over binge eating wasn't easy. It took effort, focus and commitment.

Here's how I did it:

The first time it occurred to me that I had a problem with binge eating was when I read about it on a blog. I was surfing the Internet, watching TV and eating popcorn when I read a story about how to overcome binge eating. The definition–eating mindlessly and needlessly in order to find comfort–fit me to a T.

I had one of those a-ha moments and new I had to change.

I decided to take some of the advice I found online and put a plan in place to help me stop. Instead of sitting on the couch, I'd read every night. I also decided to replace the junk food with something more healthy–vegetables and tea seemed to do the trick.

And it did. I no longer binge eat. I've lost weight. And I feel better than ever!

Posted by a former patient of BeLiteWeight.