The recipe for weight-loss success is well-documented: eat right and exercise. Unfortunately, knowing the recipe and being able to execute it are two entirely different things. Daily living and bad habits can easily derail your best efforts.

Luckily, you can overcome common barriers to success by knowing what the barriers are—and having a strategy to avoid them. Here’s a look at six common mistakes and ways to make sure you don’t fall prey to them:

  • Not being prepared
    When hunger strikes and you have nothing healthy to eat, you’re likely to turn to foods that are full of fat. Avoid this mistake by carefully planning your meals and snacks—and having healthy food on hand.

  • Keeping quiet
    If you don’t tell your friends and family about your weight-loss goals, they might unknowingly sabotage your efforts by suggesting you indulge in fatty, “fun” foods. Avoid these pitfalls by making your intentions known and asking the people who are closest to you for support.

Weight Loss Mistakes|BeLite Weight

  • Going to extremes
    Sure, cutting carbs and working out for hours can work in the short term, but neither is sustainable and both will likely leave you in worse shape. Rather than trying to do it all at once, find balance and create a sustainable system.

  • Relying entirely on exercise
    A lot of people think they can exercise away all the extra calories they consume. This rarely works. Remember, it’s easier not to eat a 400-calorie slice of pizza than it is to burn 400 calories. Use exercise to supplement your healthy eating efforts, not to replace them.

  • Drinking your dinner
    Drinking alcohol is never a good weight-loss strategy, even if you skip dinner to make up for the empty calories in beer, wine and spirits. Limit your alcohol consumption and don’t skip dinner.

  • Swearing off sweats
    Trying to deprive yourself of sweets never works. You’ll eventually give in and go overboard. Instead, allow yourself a sweat treat every now and then—just do it in moderation. And don’t do “cheat days.”

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