Sometimes a surgery can save your life. It can change your life for the better. In the case of gastric sleeve surgery, it often does both. Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure that makes the stomach smaller. This, in turn, helps you lose weight because you feel fuller a lot sooner and you simply consume fewer calories.

Your surgeon will make incisions in your abdomen and closes off a portion of your stomach. After the surgery, your stomach will be roughly the size of a banana. Your abdomen will likely be a bit tender. You’ll be sore and you’ll only be allowed to eat small portions of mostly liquids.

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But in four to six weeks, you can be back on your feet, working out and living life to the fullest. That’s what happened to Kylie, who underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2011 through BeLite Weight.

About a year-and-a-half after her procedure, Kylie had lost 107 pounds. She’d gone from a size 26 to a 14—and she was still losing weight.

But more importantly, Kylie’s quality of life improved to the point where she feels more confident. She can play with her kids and walk up stairs without becoming winded. Her blood pressure is no longer dangerously high.

She feels like a brand new person all 192 happy, healthy pounds of her.
And Kylie says she owes it all to her new friends at BeLiteWeight. They welcomed her with open arms, made her feel comfortable and calm and provided her with everything she needed before, during and after her procedure to make sure her life—and quality of life—were saved.

If you want to change your life for the better, contact the weight-loss experts at BeLiteWeight today.