Heidi had her Gastric Sleeve surgery a little over a year ago and says, “I have taken my life back. Gastric Sleeve surgery has given me a whole new lease on life”.

Here is more about her 1 year update in her own words:

“I used to have body image issues, shortness of breath, hip pain, and sleep apnea.

I am proud to say that I am one year post procedure and all of those issues are gone. I am at my goal weight and have gained my confidence back.

That confidence has carried over to other aspects of my life and I have had so many successes since having this done.

BeLiteWeight was so easy to work with. They are there to get you set up from the very beginning and walk you through the entire process. The hospital that I went to in Juarez was very clean, the staff was attentive and friendly, recovery was quick and easy.

I would gladly do this again. Thank you Beliteweight and Dr. Rodriguez!!”

Wow, Heidi, what a transformation! Congrats on the success of your weight loss, as well as your new-found confidence..it definitely shows! Thank you for sharing your story. Keep up the great work, you look awesome!

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