When the Coronavirus spread around the world many people had to close their business and significantly reduce their activities. Changes have also occurred in the restaurant industry- some of them closed, while the rest operated as “take-out only”. We all had to suddenly change our eating habits. Some of us who ate in restaurants regularly had to give it up and start cooking on our own.

Products were disappearing from the store. Probably everyone remembers the chaotic shopping at the beginning of the pandemic … Not only toilet paper was gone, but also pasta, yeast, whole grain flour, canned beans, and many others too. Suddenly food was something worth looking for.

The forced isolation made many people take home cooking courses and harness their culinary skills – which is a small but important takeaway! Perhaps otherwise we would never reach for a cookbook or visit a blog about preparing your favorite dish. Quarantine, although overwhelming and tiring, made us learn new things.

The types of products that are disappearing from store shelves may suggest a healthier diet now. We read labels more closely and choose less processed and fresh products. Over time we try throwing new things into our shopping baskets and eventually end up with the best ways to nourish our bodies.

Time spent in the kitchen also has a positive effect not only on the quality of dishes but also on relationships with household members too. -Especially when households prepare dishes together! Cooking can be fun for both adults and children linking generations.

On the other hand if we live alone in the kitchen can be a place to relax and unwind. For many people cooking turns into a hobby they find great pleasure with. Hopefully it stays that way and that we will continue to enjoy being in the kitchen once the world goes back to its new normal.

And you ? What kind of experiences did you have eating during the pandemic? Please share your stories with BeLiteWeight 🙂

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