There's nothing quite like a cold cocktail on a hot summer's evening, unless you're trying to lose weight. Then drinking a cocktail is a lot like gorging on potato chips, pizza and Hostess pies.

Drinking summertime cocktails is about the same as eating a bunch of empty calories. Here are the worst cocktails for you:

Piña Colada

It's comprised of sugary, high-calorie mixers and rum. Drink a couple of these and you'll be spending a lot of time walking in the rain to burn off the calories–a pina colada boasts 35 grams of sugar and more than 300 calories.

Long Island Iced Tea

Think this tasty treat is low-cal just because it's called "iced tea?" Think again. With five high-calorie types of booze all mixed together, this thing is packed with 430 calories.


You tell yourself that your just getting your fruit for the day. But the truth is, this white- and red-wine based concoction is full of sugary syrups and fruit juice. All of which are calorie-heavy.

The Margarita

Jimmy Buffett made it famous in his hit song "Margaritaville." Now anytime that song hits the airwaves, your mouth waters for one of these delicious frozen concoctions. Unfortunately, Mr. Margaritaville didn't tell you that just once margarita comes complete with up to 700 calories. Wastin' away you surely will not be if you drink too many.

Frozen Daiquiri

This thing is super sweet, so naturally it is loaded with tons of high-sugar, un-natural flavors. Avoid it and you'll save yourself somewhere around 500 calories.

Flavored Martini

The simple martini used to be a sensible choice. Heck, even a "dirty" martini made sense because it was relatively low in carbs and calories. But now, with martinis coming in flavors ranging from chocolate chip to bacon, the martini has joined the ranks of other high-calorie cocktails.

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are like beer. They are essentially a loaf of can in a bottle. If you're trying to avoid carbs, avoid wine coolers.

Rum and Coke

One is a sugary soft drink. The other is a sugar-filled liquor. Don't drink them together.