15 Tricks to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss ServicesSometimes you simply need to trick yourself into getting thin. After years and years of gaining weight, it can be difficult to reverse course and take it off. By following these simple tricks, you'll be changing both your lifestyle and your mindset to help you shed the pounds like butter sliding off a pancake!

1. Think about your health. Don't think about the pounds you're losing. Good health is your goal, not a number on a scale.

2. Commit to weight loss goals and stick to them. Set reasonable weekly and monthly goals and track your progress. Short-term goals are especially important because you’ll remain focused when you know you’re accomplishing them everyday.

3. Limit, but don't eliminate, your favorite foods. This will help control your cravings while helping you control portion sizes over the long-term. Going cold turkey simply doesn’t work (most of the time).

4. Celebrate your victories. Each and every time you reach a goal, throw a little celebration. Maybe your celebration will be a little piece of candy or an extra 15 minutes of sleep –whatever it is, just make sure to give yourself a reward every now and then!

5. Be positive. Losing weight takes time and effort, and a positive attitude is worth its weight in gym equipment.

6. Get a partner. A partner will help keep you going when you want to give up and give in.

7. Schedule your workouts. By setting specific days and times, you'll be developing a pattern that will gradually become a routine that will eventually become a permanent habit.

8. Watch out for bad influences. Stay away from stores, foods, and restaurants where you will be tempted to stretch your diet and your goals. Everything is good in moderation, but we all have our weak spots.

9. Share your progress and your goals. Get on Facebook or send an email, but whatever you do let others know that you're working on a big goal. Their support and encouragement will help keep you moving forward.

10. Let the music play. Rocky had a theme song for a reason, and your iPod should be full of tunes that will inspire and uplift you while you exercise.

11. Donate old clothes. Once you drop a dress size, get rid of those outfits. By burning this bridge, you'll have no other choice but to keep slimming down.

12. Redefine perfection. "Perfect" is a mentality and you can define what your perfect weight and body shape is for you and only you. Whatever you decide, don't let anyone or anything change your opinion.

13. Use colors to your advantage. Blue colors suppress appetites, so using blue plates will make you feel fuller and less hungry. Sounds hokey, but it really works.

14. Keep a weight loss journal. Track your daily food intake, exercise levels, and even how you feel on each and every day of your journey.

15. Don't accept defeat. You may suffer setbacks, you may become discouraged, but you will only lose weight if you never give up.