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Post-Op Diet – Week 3 and 4

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    ***Do NOT advance to this phase if you experienced any discomfort or intolerance during Week 2***

    Week 3

    RULE FOR THIS PHASE: Anything Grandpa could eat if he didn't have teeth.

    Example: Soft fish and well-cooked, soft/mushy veggies that are easy to "gum" into bits. A steak or baked chicken DO NOT follow this rule.

    In days 15-21 from your surgery date (your surgery date is DAY 1), you will be consuming SOFT FOODS.

    These foods must be soft or mashed. A piece of grilled meat or hot dogs cut into tiny bits ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    Continue to drink as much liquid as possible to stay well hydrated and stop if you feel full. Don't gulp, take small sips. There is no limit in order to stay hydrated.

    Continue to try to consume 40-60 grams of protein. To do this, you will need to break this up throughout your day – for example 10-15 grams of protein 4x a day.

    ***A serving size is no more than 1/4 cup of soft food***
    ***Do NOT eat and drink at the same time***

    ***Wait 1 hour after eating before drinking***

    Suggestions for Week 3


    Canned soups, stews, chili (may be of the chunky variety as long as it's been through the canning process to soften the food)

    Canned chicken (or other meat) and canned fish

    Thinly sliced deli meat

    Thinly sliced cheese

    Tuna salad

    Egg salad

    Chicken salad (canned chicken)

    Steamed or poached fish

    Softly cooked pot roast (must be fork tender and fall apart without using a knife)

    Steamed (soft) vegetables (no hard or raw veggies)

    Anything from Week 1

    Anything from Week 2


    Limited Quantities

    Applesauce (no sugar added)

    Cream of wheat/ rice cereals (very thin)



    Fruit seeds and skins



    Asparagus stems

    Breaded or fried meat/ fish


    ***Try only ONE new food at a time***


    Week 4 (and onward)

    Days 22-28, you may try any regular type of food that you can tolerate. No steak this week.

    From day 29 and onward, ANYTIME you consume food of any kind (soft, solid and/or liquid with calories), consider it a meal or snack. Limit yourself to 3 meals and 2 high protein snacks daily.

    Continual "grazing" and foods high in carbs can lead to stalls and weight gain.


    ***Max serving size 1/2 cup***

    ***Visualize half the size of your fist. Stop eating when full***

    ***Take small bites and chew 20-30 times per bite***

    ***NO mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, bread or popcorn***

    ***Avoid breakfast cereals and other high carb foods***


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