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Post-Op Diet – Week 1

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    Resume Prescribed Medications

    If you are prescribed medications by your Primary Care Physician and were instructed to discontinue them prior to your surgery, please resume taking them at this time.

    The only exception: If the surgeons gave you any other specific instructions, while at the hospital, you will follow those instructions instead.

    Why Follow the Post-Op Diet?
    Immediately post-op, this diet is very important for your safety!

    It is designed to prevent food from putting too much stress or pressure on your NEW stomach’s staple line, potentially causing a rupture.

    3 Targeted Tasks
    1. Fluids: Drink plenty of non-caloric, non-carbonated fluids to prevent dehydration and blood clots from forming. Your body can live without food for weeks, it CANNOT live without hydration.

    2. Protein: For the first 1-3 weeks, your target is to consume 40-60 grams of protein daily.

    3. Movement: For the first 1-3 weeks, walk every 1-2 hours to prevent blood clots.


    ***Don’t GULP! Sip, Sip, Sip!***

    Post-Op Diet – Week 1
    For the 1st seven days from your surgery date (your surgery date is DAY 1), you will be consuming CLEAR LIQUIDS ONLY.

    These liquids are light or clear beverages, which are not soupy or lumpy and are the consistency of water. You must be able to see through them when held up to the light. It’s best to choose Zero and/or Low-Calorie options.

    Drink as much clear liquids as you can tolerate, but stop if you feel full. Don’t gulp, take small sips. There is no limit in order to stay hydrated.

    In order to consume 40-60 grams of protein, you will need to break this up throughout your day – for example 10-15 grams of protein 4x a day.

    ***Do not push yourself, stop when you feel full***

    ***If you are on a sodium restricted diet, be careful of your sodium intake with some of these suggestions. Follow your doctor’s instructions first and make appropriate choices.***

    Please be careful when choosing a protein drink. Don’t go by taste alone. Read the label!

    ***You are looking for protein drinks that contain 15-30 grams of protein per serving and NO MORE THAN 4-6 grams of total carbohydrates per serving.***

    DO NOT get your protein drink confused with a whole nutrition / meal replacement shakes (such as Boost, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Ka’Chava, etc.) – This is NOT what you want.

    Caffeine and coffee (even decaf is too acidic)

    Liquids too hot or too cold in temperature (warm goes down easier)

    All sugary drinks


    Anything spicy

    Drinking through a straw (it can cause you to swallow air and promotes discomfort)


    Suggested Liquids


    Crystal Light or other zero calorie water flavor packets

    Gatorade Zero

    Gatorade Zero with Protein


    Protein2o with Electrolytes

    Premier Protein Clear

    Sugar-Free Jell-O

    Sugar-Free popsicles

    Broth and Bone Broth (add hot water to these broth packets – they’re handy on the go).

    Herbal tea (non-caffeinated)

    You may also add a low-carb clear protein powder or collagen protein powder to any of the above, if you cannot find a clear protein drink that is low in carbohydrates.

    Use non-caloric sweeteners if needed, such as Allulose, MonkFruit, Stevia, etc. No honey, agave, or sugar.

    ***Please be cautious with some of the non-caloric sweeteners, as some can upset or irritate your stomach when taken in large quantities.***


    Limited Liquids
    Coffee: For all you daily coffee connoisseurs, it is best if you wait 3 weeks for your stomach to heal before consuming any coffee.

    ***Proceed at your own risk***

    If you must, please wait at least 2 weeks.

    If you really can’t go without, then at least try a low acid / decaf coffee only. Regular coffee is highly acidic and very rough on your stomach.

    All coffee may cause heartburn, reflux or GERD if consumed within the first 3 weeks post-op.


    Post-Op Diet – Week 1 (days 1-7)

    Post-Op Diet – Week 2 (days 8-14)

    Post-Op Diet – Week 3 & 4 (days 15-28)