Getting Ready For Surgery – Checklist

Checklist of Important Steps to Take

1. Pay your $500.00 deposit within 5 days of scheduling your surgery to hold your spot.

There are two ways to pay your deposit: (Your bank may have limits on how much you can send at any one time or over a month so be sure to verify with them. You may also pay in multiple payments, if needed.) 

Be sure to put the patient name in the Description Box (very top box), so we can properly credit your account.

If you need to pay your deposit using a Business credit/debit card or an American Express card, please contact your facilitator to take your deposit over the phone (there is a 4% fee for these types of cards).

You will receive your receipt automatically from the payment system as long as you enter your email address on the payment page.

HERE. You’ll need your Patient ID. Your Patient ID was previously emailed to you (or ask your facilitator for it). Be sure to use the email address we have on file for you.

*If you’ve been notified of your medical clearance already, you do not need to complete this again. If unsure, please ask first).

6. Send your travel arrangements.

Refer to your surgery confirmation email for arrival/departure dates and timing BEFORE arranging your travel!

Also, do not arrange any travel until you are medically cleared by the doctors.

If you are flying, forward your flight confirmation email from the airline to:
(no screenshots, forward the entire flight confirmation)

7. Notify your facilitator if you are using an outside medical lender.

YOU are responsible to call the lender and make sure they fund the loan PRIOR to your surgery.

8. You may pay your remaining balance one of several ways:

a. Wire Transfer (Fee applies – directions are on your surgery confirmation).

b. Zelle (No fee and directions listed above). *Please note, there is a daily limit for most banks and there may be a delay in depositing to the receiver’s bank account. We suggest you do this at least 5 days in advance and be prepared to potentially pay by another means if the full balance is not received PRIOR to your arrival.

c. GLOBAL HELP, LLC and be sure it matches the amount on your surgery confirmation.

10. Download Google Translate to your cell phone or tablet. All of the surgeons speak English, and some of the nursing staff, however, it may come in handy and be helpful in communicating with some hospital staff. Practice using the app beforehand.
11. 12. Send FMLA or any other forms that need to be filled out for your employer, to either our fax 1-888-211-8548 or email to and the corporate office will complete them for you.

Be sure to include:  the first day you are requesting off, the last day you are requesting off and the date you want to return to work. Also include if you need to return with or without restrictions and any other pertinent information the forms ask for.

Please allow at least 5 business days for the office to return them to you for review.

13. Please continue and review the following pages to prepare for your upcoming surgery. Be sure to bookmark these pages as you read through them for easy future reference:

1. Pre-Op Diet

Packing Suggestions and Getting Ready for the Hospital

3. Immediate Post-Op Care

4. Post-Op Diet (Week 1)

5. Post-Op Diet (Week 2)

7. Living With Your Weight Loss Surgery