The one piece of weight loss advice we are all told at some point is that we can only shed pounds if we stop eating fat. What’s scary is that this is simply not true! Approximately 60% of the human brain is made up of fat. This alone shows us in a basic way just how vital fat is to maintaining health, and what we really stand to lose if we cut out all fats. For the best results in weight loss, we need to be more discerning about the kinds of fats we consume, as not all fats are created equal.

The worst kinds of fats are called trans fats, or trans-fatty acids. These foods include trans fats:

• Some stick margarine • Vegetable shortening • Common, industrial fried foods

But there are good fats! One particular saturated fat, coconut oil, is very good for the body. Some benefits include:

Weight loss promotion: Because of the molecular construction of coconut oil, it is able to help you lose weight. Coconut oil also speeds up the metabolism, helping to burn more energy – meaning more calories – faster.

Heart health: Lauric acid, the particular kind of saturated fat that is found in coconut oil, actually prevents high cholesterol and high blood pressure; whereas bad saturated fats, like those found in vegetable oils, raise LDL levels (the bad cholesterol).

Improved digestion. Coconut oil is particularly helpful with absorbing nutrients from the food that it is cooked in. It also has great antibacterial properties that promote good gut health. It cleanses the body of bad bacteria that cause digestion issues.

Diabetes management. Coconut oil helps to keep blood sugar stable, and it regulates the release of insulin.

Immunity boost. The same healing properties of coconut oil that help to maintain good digestion also helps fight bacteria and viruses. When your body can function at its best, losing weight becomes much easier.

While coconut oil may seem like a strange replacement for your typical cooking oil at first, people everywhere are seeing its abundant health and weight loss benefits. And no, it doesn’t even taste like coconut!