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    Hello, my name is Joanne Narayan, owner and founder of BeLiteWeight. My story is very much like the patients I speak with on a daily basis. Never "the thin girl" growing up, I struggled with my weight thru adolescence, college and child bearing years.

    In 2000, I decided I had tried every diet on the market with only temporary success and decided Weight Loss Surgery was the best option for me. My journey began in October of 2001 with a Lap Band®. I successfully lost 100 lbs *with the band in about a year and was happy to share the benefits of weight loss surgery with anyon


Our Patient Counselors

  • BeLiteWeight Patient Counselor - Sylvia


    My name is Sylvia somehow I found myself at 350 lbs, and to this day I cannot tell you why I let my weight get that high, but I knew I had to do something about it that would work long term. I knew I had to do something about it that would work long term! Unfortunately my insurance (like most) did not cover Weight Loss Surgery. During my research I noticed that a lot of people were going to Mexico for their surgery and I found out that it was so much less expensive. My husband, who is an Interventional Cardiologist, was not at all worried about me having surgery in Mexico and that was good enough for me! I cannot tell you how my life has changed and how much mor...




    My name is JOYCE; I chose the Lap Band procedure in 2005 and have lost over 80 pound.* My loss inspired three of my family members to also have weight loss surgery. We are truly a family of believers! I aspire to make everything move as smoothly as possible for you. Most importantly, I want to share your successes and concerns before and after the surgery. Being thinner has opened up a whole new set of doors and options for me. Grab this chance to do your best…and do it with the BeLiteTeam!

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Our Patient Counselors

  • ISHI


    My name is ISHI I had Lap Band Surgery July of 2003. At 4'11" and 225 lbs., I was about as big around as I was tall! My journey back to a healthier, happier "me" started the day I decided to investigate further this "new" procedure called "Lap Band Surgery." I hoped it would change my life and it did, more than I could have imagined! I lost over 100 lbs.* and have managed to maintain it. I am the proud 'grandma' of 5 active, little girls. I still remember what it was like to live life as an obese person; I felt the stares from the medical community I lived in (being married to a surgeon) an...


  • TERI


    My name is TERI and although I have not had bariatric surgery myself, I have a background in counseling and understand the challenges and pain associate with obesity. I grew up with an obese Mother and felt compassion for the many things she missed out on because of her size. Working alongside my sister Joanne has helped me witness firsthand the joys and the positive life changes that come with large weight loss. As a Patient Facilitator I have always strived to improve the health and it is the most fulfilling work I have ever done. When you feel good about yourself there is no better feeli...




    My name is SHARON and although I have always been very active my whole life, I struggled with weight loss growing up, especially after having my daughter. I would walk down the street and feel out of breath; want to play with my daughter, but could not keep up with her. I have tried the diets, but it was a constant circle- I would lose weight, feel great, then feel deprived and binge--leading myself to gain more weight again, which made me scared to death to diet. It was time to end the circle; my cousin (who was struggling with her weight) and I did the gastric bypass in 2005, where I lost...


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    My name is NADIA and growing up I was always overweight and never really thought I was to the point of needing Bariatric Surgery to help me lose weight; I always figured I could lose the weight on my own. I tried every diet out there and nothing really worked. My aunt first had Lap Band Surgery in Mexico, then my mother decided to have the Lap Band Surgery. I saw them shrink right before my eyes! This made me realize it was definitely my turn to make a change for myself!

    I am 5'3" and my starting weight was 246 lbs., after the Lap Band Surgery, the weight came off steadily for the nex...