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  • My name is SHARON and although I have always been very active my whole life, I struggled with weight loss growing up, especially after having my daughter. I would walk down the street and feel out of breath; want to play with my daughter, but could not keep up with her. I have tried the diets, but it was a constant circle- I would lose weight, feel great, then feel deprived and binge--leading myself to gain more weight again, which made me scared to death to diet. It was time to end the circle; my cousin (who was struggling with her weight) and I did the gastric bypass in 2005, where I lost over 110 pounds!* I now ride my bike, hike, swim, and recently started to surf! I now have a new way to spend time with my family and because of this we all have a stronger relationship. I enjoy my work, especially seeing the results of people and helping them through their struggle, as I can relate to their situations. As a patient facilitator, I am here for you. My biggest advice is to remember weight loss surgeries are tools so you have to use them as tools, you have to get in the mindset that you do not want to go back to the way things were and I am here to help you stay in this mindset and reach your goals.!

    *See below