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  • My name is NADIA and growing up I was always overweight and never really thought I was to the point of needing Bariatric Surgery to help me lose weight; I always figured I could lose the weight on my own. I tried every diet out there and nothing really worked. My aunt first had Lap Band Surgery in Mexico, then my mother decided to have the Lap Band Surgery. I saw them shrink right before my eyes! This made me realize it was definitely my turn to make a change for myself!

    I am 5'3" and my starting weight was 246 lbs., after the Lap Band Surgery, the weight came off steadily for the next few months.* I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer to help whip me into shape! I never imagined I would feel as good as I look, or look as good as I feel! I have a new appreciation for food, and for how I perceive food. I don't think about eating all the time anymore and it does not control my life. To date, I have lost over 96 lbs.* and I am so proud of myself for reaching my goal…it is an amazing feeling of accomplishment that I take with me in every aspect of my life. This is why I am so passionate about my job with BeLiteWeight. Without the help of my Lap Band, I would never have gotten here. To anyone considering Bariatric Surgery, be strong and have faith in yourself and know that you deserve to be healthy and happy!

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