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Metabolic Surgery for Diabetes

  • With all the advances in medical technology, it is hard to believe there is no established cure for Type 2 Diabetes. In fact, diabetes is on the rise worldwide. 
    Studies suggest that by 2034 the number of diabetics will rise from 23 million to upwards of 44 million people!*

    Diabetes is a very serious medical condition with a large complication rate. When a person has this disease, their body does not produce or utilize their bodies' insulin, causing glucose and blood sugar levels in the blood to spike. The costs of typical medical aids are up to $33,000 a year, and they are generally not effective or curative.* Tragically, even with proper medical services, patients often face horrible side effects including dialysis, loss of limb functionality, heart attacks, and often death. Fortunately new evidence is suggesting there is a nonconventional way to restore the bodies insulin processes: Bariatric Surgery (Metabolic Surgery for Diabetes).

    Bariatric surgery refers to a set of abdominal sugeries which are extremely effective at helping people suffering from obesity lose significant amounts of weight. Further research is showing that bariatric/metabolic surgeries has an effect on insulin production and utilization, making it curative and able to reverse Type 2 Diabetes back in to remission.** Just one example comes from a study in the Annals of Surgery which concluded 83 percent of 240 diabetic patients were completely cured of their disease after having the gastric bypass surgery!*

    For less than the cost of one year of standard medical aid, bariatric surgery could be curing diabetics completely of their disease.**

    For more information on bariatric surgeries and how they might reverse your diabetes, contact us today!



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