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Gastric Sleeve Benefits*

  • green checkmarkReported immediate weight loss results
    green checkmarkSignificant reduction in hunger
    green checkmarkDoes not need adjustments or fills
    green checkmarkNo foreign device inside your body

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Gastric Sleeve Testimonials*


    "I haven't been this small since I was in the 6th grade! I love it!"

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery total weight loss 85 pounds.*

    *see below


Gastric Sleeve Before and After Photos*

  •   I found BeLiteWeight through a contact at work. My sister just had my nephew and just wanted to start fresh. I had my Gastric Sleeve Surgery and my patient facilitator, Surgeon and his staff where amazing. It was one of the nicest hospitals I was ever in. The staff helped as much as they could and everything was explained and questions were answered. I never felt in the dark about anything. I was nervous because it was my first surgery ever. It has been 17 months since my sleeve surgery and I have lost 226 lbs. I went from a 6x shirt to a 2x shirt. My pant size is 38 now instead of 56. I can go to a store and get clothes off the shelf. I went kayaking for the first time in my life*. It hasn't been easy but I couldn't be more happier to see where I was to where I am I now. *see below SEE MORE GASTRIC SLEEVE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS CLICK HERE

Gastric Sleeve Success Story*

  • "It has been 18 months since Victor's gastric sleeve surgery. He has lost 162 pounds and has gone from a 56" waist to a 38".

    My sleeve surgery was a year ago. I have lost 81 pounds and have gone from a size 34 dress to a 20.

    Looking back on this experience, I wish we could have had  the surgeries sooner."

    *see below


Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • Gastric Sleeve - Vertical Sleeve Surgery

    The Vertical Sleeve Surgery – VSG (Gastric Sleeve) is an operation in which approximately 80% of the stomach is surgically removed. During the Laparoscopic Sleeve procedure a thinn vertical sleeve of stomach is created using a stapling device. This results in a new stomach which is roughly the size and shape of a banana. Since this operation does not involve any “rerouting” or reconnecting the intestines, it is a simpler operation than the Gastric Bypass or the Duodenal Switch. Unlike the Lap-Band® procedure, the Vertical Sleeve Surgery  – VSG does not require the implantation of an artificial device inside the body.

    The VSG works in two ways. It is a restrictive procedure because of the smaller size of the newly formed stomach. This makes you to feel fuller from smaller portions of food. Since you eat less food, your body will stop storing excess calories and start using its fat supply for energy. One of the additional advantages of the Vertical Sleeve Surgery  – VSG procedure is its profound effect on the production of a gut hormone called ‘Ghrelin’ which controls our appetite. Patients just do not have the same interest in food after the procedure. Our patients report the significant reduction in hunger being one of the best benefits of this surgery.

    Some advanced minimally invasive Vertical Sleeve Surgery  – VSG procedures can be performed almost exclusively through a single point of entry – meaning only one small incision. This is called Single Site Laparoscopy, aka Single Incision Laparoscopy Surgery (SILS) and is another approach to performing traditional laparoscopic surgery using the same tools. If you are interested in hearing more please discuss this option with your Patient Counselor.



    The newly formed stomach functions normally, therefore most foods are well tolerated. There are no particular restrictions on the types of foods eaten in the long term. Initially the patient will be prescribed a specific post-op diet. Because of the signification reduction in the quantity of food you consume your surgeon will encourage you to eat a higher nutrient rich diet in the long term. Protein supplementation and a multi-vitamin taken daily is encouraged by all of our surgeons.

    For patients with a body mass index greater than 60, the Vertical Sleeve Surgery – VSG may be the first part of a two-stage operation. If you fall into this category, you may benefit from a two-stage bariatric surgery. In the staged approach, a multi-step operation like the gastric bypass is broken down into two simpler and safer operations. In the first stage, a Vertical Sleeve Surgery  – VSG is performed. This allows a patient to lose 80 to 100 pounds or more, making the second part of the operation substantially safer. Please discuss this option with your Patient Counselor if you feel you may benefit from the two stage approach.

    Individuals who should consider this procedure include:

    1. Those who are concerned about the potential long term side effects of an intestinal bypass such as intestinal obstruction, ulcers, anemia, osteoporosis, protein deficiency and vitamin deficiency.
    2. Those who are considering a Lap Band® but are concerned about a foreign body inside the abdomen.
    3. Patients who do not have access to a doctor to perform fills (adjustments) on the Lap Band®.
    4. Patients with a busy lifestyle and want a “lower maintenance” weight loss surgery.
    5. Those who have medical problems that prevent them from having weight loss surgery such as anemia, Crohn’s disease, extensive prior surgery, and other complex medical conditions.
    6. Younger patients who may want to leave additional long-term options available.

    What advantages does the
    Vertical Sleeve Surgery  – VSG have?

    1. It does not require disconnecting or reconnecting the intestines.
    2. It is a technically simpler operation than the Gastric Bypass or the Duodenal Switch.
    3. There is no foreign device inside your body.
    4. It does not need adjustments or fills.
    5. It may be a safer operation for patients with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 60. It may be used as the first stage of a 2-stage operation.
    6. Short hospital stay.
    7. Reported immediate weight loss results
    8. Significant reduction in hunger.

    All surgeries present risks. These risks vary depending on weight, age, and medical history, and patients should discuss these with their doctor and bariatric and metabolic surgeon. These risks can include but not limited to:

    1. Deep vein thrombophlebitis
    2. Non-fatal pulmonary embolus
    3. Pneumonia
    4. Acute respiratory distress syndrome
    5. Splenectomy
    6. Gastric leak and fistula
    7. Postoperative bleeding
    8. Small bowel obstruction
    9. Mortality
    All surgeries present risks. These risks vary depending on weight, age, and medical history, and patients should discuss these with their doctor and bariatric and metabolic surgeon. – See more at:
    All surgeries present risks. These risks vary depending on weight, age, and medical history, and patients should discuss these with their doctor and bariatric and metabolic surgeon. – See more at: