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  • JoAnne, Founder of BeLiteWeight - Weight Loss SurgeryHello, my name is Joanne Narayan, owner and founder of BeLiteWeight. My story is very much like the patients I speak with on a daily basis. Never “the thin girl” growing up, I struggled with my weight thru adolescence, college and child bearing years.

    In 2000, I decided I had tried every diet on the market with only temporary success and decided Weight Loss Surgery was the best option for me. My journey began in October of 2001 with a Lap Band®. I successfully lost 100 lbs with the band in about a year and was happy to share the benefits of weight loss surgery with anyone who would listen.

    Approximately two years later my banded life was cut short by a slippage and the Lap Band® had to be removed. I slowly started to regain weight. Before my weight spiraled upward any further I opted for a revision to the Gastric Sleeve in 2008. I quickly lost the added 35+ pounds. The sleeve has been a wonderful tool and I continue to maintain my goal weight to this date.

    In 2004, I decided to reach out to other people who had suffered the challenges of obesity and formed BeLiteWeight. With a team of other dedicated weight loss patients, we set off to conquer obesity, one patient at a time.

    After 10 years and over 7,000 patients helped, I continue to be inspired by the stories, successes and challenges of the patients BeLiteWeight serves.

    The company has evolved to include the full spectrum of Bariatric Surgeries at multiple locations in the USA, Europe and Mexico.

    I welcome you to continue reading and meet the wonderful group of Patient Counselors who are here to assist you on your journey.